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Soooo, yea. I was looking for a forum about this so I could find a guide to get the "Embarassing" acheivement. However, I noticed that there appeared to be no forums on STF at all. And so, allow me to be the first.
This is for describing how to get acheivements, strategies to beat levels and challenges, and how to just rawk at the game.
I'll start. Sniper rifle and invisibility!! Duh! Crouch down, fade out, bust out your scope, and start ripping faces. Away from that, I haven't played as medic yet, but I have used tank and it actually didn't seem very good to me. That said, I didn't use it very long and I may have been doing it wrong, so take this advice with a grain of salt.
On Acheivements.... Human plug: go to caverns, andjust sit on the water spout for a while until the acheivement pops up. Detective: got to lvl 5, but don't head down to the fight. Go the the shadow at the right, and crouch walk into it. You'll be able to crouch walk through it, until you fall. Then bam, acheivement. Finally, Water Wings. Go to that village map and crouch in the water at the bottom until you drown. As said earlier, I don't know how to get Embarassing, so if someone would post that, that would be great. Good luck!

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