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Hey Armor Games!

I'm excited for the next version of our favorite gaming website. But like anything in the world, nothing is perfect.

I think we need to advance the "friend data" that we have on Armor Games. Games like Shell Shock Live, Exit Path 2, etc. use multiplayer features in their games. But wouldn't it be cool to invite friends from our profile to play multiplayer games with us? Or we need to make it easier to get to friends profiles. Like a space on the website where you can put in any players username and immidiately proceed to their profile to chat, play, etc.

Lets make Armor Games even better!

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Why not just keep two tabs open at once and invite from one tab while playing in the other?

If there's a live chat, inviting people to play games will be much easier than it is now even if you use the multi-tab method. If one of your friends is connected to the chat, you can invite them and you'll only have to wait a few seconds for them to respond if they aren't idle.

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