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I don't know the first thing about game programming, but I know what I like to play. I'd like some feedback on this idea. It's a combination of several popular action/adventure game styles. You begin waking up in a prison cell deep in a dungeon. It's a "submachine" style point and click to get out. Up top you find an ally in this enemy castle's wizard who helps you fight through guards in a "strategy defense" or "monster's den" style segment. You escape the castle grounds toward the shore by horse in a top down shooter using weapons and spells you've picked up so far, picture RaidenX on horseback. Skipping ahead, at your home castle the enemy has followed and is slowly sending waves of troops down your village roads toward the castle. This would play like a turret defense game where you'd have to set up archers and mages etc. I'd like to include platform gaming and racing however those would fit into the storyline as well. Let me know what you think, everyone.

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