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BOOK ONE:Meeting Alpha

Chapter 1:Ginger's Hunger

Ginger's hunger gnawed at her like a dog would a bone. Only it was for two things. The first was food, she would kill for it. But the other, the other was her bloodthirst, It was killing her slowly, she wanted to fight or kill something. She was walking towards her summer den, she was a loner, but she had to roam along sometimes. She soon passed a cat, They roamed all around this forest, and many others. She snapped its neck and ate it. The blood ran down her muzzle but it didnt satify either of her needs.

"Where is all the elk and moose?" She asked herself, ehile cough out a tuft of fur from the cat.The dark copper colored female walked along. She walked to the river, and lapped up the icy cold water. Howling to the moon as night came, she heard a distant howl to the south. "Sounds like....Midnight?" Her red eyes swelled with tears. "It couldnt, he was attacked by Rafter..." Rafter was a large wolf that killed of inoccent pups. Like her brother, she was attacked by Rafter. The only difference was, Midnight was dead.

She yipped when she heard a small voice say hello. "Who are you?" She asked the small male voice. The response came minutes later when a Timber attacked Ginger. "I am Alpha, the spirit wolf." That was when Ginger went out cold.

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It is good but there are some spelling issues and it seems to be a little short for a first chapter. Plus, it did not really grab my attention to much, the first chapter needs to have something that grabs the readers attention and makes them want to flip the page and keep reading.

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