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Basically just list of consoles you played in chronological order and the first game you played on them starting with the earliest.
If you can't remember which was the first, just do one you played a lot that could have been the first one.

Gameboy (not colour) - Super Mario land

Computer - Heroes of Might and Magic

Gameboy colour - Pokemon red version (though technically that wasn't a gameboy colour game)

PS1 - Toy story racer

PS2 - Rayman

Gameboy advance - Doom II

XBOX - Halo combat evolved demo

Nintendo D.S. - Starwars Episode III Revenge of the Sith

Nintendo Wii - Wii sports.

Sony PSP - Resistance Retribution or Little Big Planet. (I did however play Monster Hunter Freedom on my brother's PSP before I had one of my own).

XBOX 360 - Fable II

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