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Level 1 "Under Siege"
All right this level is strait forward it take's place at the "Facility" so it is rather early .In this level you are automatically a Medic and you have to go through the training and learning the Keys. After you finish all that you will be fighting some of the unknowns four of them at a Team death Match you are against four of them. But you also get a level Sixteen partner. This level is easy because you start out with lots of ammo and it's a team death match of Fifteen kills. The best thing you can do is be a camper and and crouch behind the boxes on the bottom floor. And shoot who ever comes by. Your partner should deal with the rest.

Level 2 "Rebellion"
This level is taking place in the "Village" , my personally second favorite map. This level is yet another team death match but this time you will have plenty of team members . It is to Twenty Kills to win so it is also very easy. Best strategy for this game is to move around alot. I did circles around the whole map each circle coming across two ammo packages and a health package at the top of the map. Easiest hero to use on this map would probably be the tank if you are a beginner but this all depend on your personal reference. So just do circles around the map shoot who can and that's about it.

Level 3 Hijacked
This level obviously takes place on the "Hijack"map. And yet again it is a team death match. It is getting hard tho because now it is a Twenty-five kill team death match. This level I found most easier to do with the Assassin hero . If you are wanting to camp again I would go to the nose of the Cargo Ship at the **** pit. There is a Ammo package there to. But also look out there is a Spawn point there to so Some of the bad guy's can sneak there and kill you also. Watch the little tunnel to the **** pit. But if you do not kill enough enemies you mite end up behind on point's this means your occasionally going to have to leave the **** pit and kill a few people. Also I forgot when camping be sure not to fall off the front of the cargo ship.

Level 4 "Infection"
This level takes place in the "Caverns" my personal favorite map.
At the start of this match it is a team death match you and a partner against another team. But your partner does turn bad after a few moments. After that it is a free for all the enemy is attacking each other and you. Best character you can use her is the tank. Mainly because you will be taking lot's of fire and will need to deal lot's of damage. You can't really camp on this level as a beginner so wouldn't suggest trying. Your going to have to move around lot's to. It is fifteen kill to win. And the person you have to beat is the person with the highest kill point's other then you. So move around lot's and kill whoever you can. It can also be easy with the Assassin but you will have to be a it more careful about getting shot.

--------------------------------------------------------------------Level 5 "Siege Under"
This level takes place at the "Facility" in fact it is the same battle as level one except this time you are the soldier not the Doctor. I am not all to sure what the best character is for this level but I would probably have to say you should use a melee weapon. So assassin would probably work best with a melee weapon. It is a team death match you and your partner against for enemies just like level one but. The kills to win on this level is fifteen. But unlike level one you are the soldier so your going to have to do must the killing . Mainly because the doctor sucks at fighting and gets killed alot making it way harder.

Level 6 "The Cure"
This level takes place in the "Village" and it's a Domination match were you have to protect your flags . At the start of the game you have to go and raise all the flags but it is smarter not to . Because the enemies only starts attacking once all three of your flags are raised so don't raise any. Because the more time they aren't there the more time you get point from your flag that are already raised. But after a few moments your team mates will raise all three flags. Then the enemies will ambush you. But when they do you should already have atleast Twenty Five points and this match is to One-Hundred points. Now the best character you can use on this match is yet again the assassin with a melee weapon. Because you are going to need to protect your raised flags. And there going to be coming right up to the flag . So you can sit in front of the flag and they will come right up so you can melee attack them.

Level 7 "Intelligence"
This level take place in the "Foundry" and it's a Capture the flag match. This is one of my favorite type's of matches in the whole game. Anyways best character for this level is the "Tank" mainly because of high health . You are probably going to want to equip him with the skill boost called "Adrenalin" . Now in the match don't worry about your flag worry about there's run over there as fast as you can avoid all the enemies. Get the Flag or Case and run back to your Flag. Keep doing this till you have done all three. It is really easy and strait forward when you are the tank it helps even more when you equip your hero with a shield aswell.

Level 8 "Tropic Thunder"
This level takes place in the "Caverns" it's a team death match with Twenty Kills to win. This level is almost impossible to lose on because your team does most the work. But it still helps to kill some of the enemies and for that I was the Commando on this level. And I equipped my hero with any type of RPG.Also you could camp in this level with an assassin if you wanted to but it is still rather pointless.

Level 9 "Hide and Seek"
This level takes place at the "Facility" it's another domination match and as usual point to win are at One-Hundred . At first I thought this level would be easy and do the usual melee weapon strategy but this time it was way harder and did not work. So I equipped my assassin with the Jackal for this match and it was Super easy. Aside from health damage. You would get shot alot in this level because it is really small. But it isn't that bad . Because your partner will give out Kelvar Vest every one in a while.

Level 10 "The Return"
This level take place at the "Foundry" and it is a team death match with Thirty Kills to win. This level is really easy with your whole team they take care of a lot of it but you still have to do a fair amount of killing . Because as you kill them they call for back up after a while. For this level you can use any hero you like all of them work but you should probably use your best hero.

Level 11 "Plan B"
This level takes place on the "Dormant Train" it is another team death match with Twenty kills to win. I found this level tho really hard. So I leveled my Assassin a bit and equipped him with a Dragunov and that really help alot but it still is rather difficult for beginners. But it help's if you stay close to the Health package to heal lots. You also have to lots of killing because your team sucks on this level.

Level 12 "On Rails"
This level takes place on the "Speeding Train" it is a domination match with again One-Hundred Points to win. This level is easier then the last Domination match. Because this time melee works really well on this level. So I armed my assassin with a Baton . I did the Circle strategy on this level just doing circles around the map. Raising the flags when there down and grabbing health and ammo packages.

Level 13 "Boarding Action"
This level takes place on the "Drop Ship" it is a Team death match You against all and Fifteen points to win. This level I found is the hardest level in Campaign . There is no real strategy to it other then every time you die take down Atleast One or two Guy with you or they will win. I armed my assassin with the Dragunov but it took two try's to beat it.

Level 14 "One Final Effort"
This level takes place on "The Nuke" it is a domination map with again one-hundred points to win. This level is strait forward it has no strategy like the one before just try to kill everyone before they land from there parachutes . What also really helps on this match is the Kill Streak boost "Radar" or "Attack Helicopter"
I also used my Assassin with the Dragunov this time.

Level 15 "The Final Show Down"
This level is a one on one death match with Fifteen points to win . Surprisingly I found this level rather easy yet again using the assassin hero and the Dragonov. But really you could use any character of your choosing. Because it is really a strait forward match just kill the other guy

If you like my walkthrough help me out and check out my other walkthroughs I will be updating everything there . Thanks

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