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I have been told that I stink at English and need to write more over the summer. This is my attempt, a somewhat serious sci-fi compared to my NaNoWriMo that I did a while back. Criticism is greatly appreciated.

Prologue, The Birth.

Truth is a mystery. There are many different ideas of what truth is, or rather, what is truth. Religion and Science (some science; not all) attempt to determine such mysteries as the original of the universe, why we are here, and what happens after the human mind fades. There are also simple truths in fact, for example, the fact that there is a star that humans call the 'Sun', or that their planet is the third planet from the 'Sun', which they call the 'Earth'. Then there are lies, which are attempts at stating a truth but by deception. A false truth.

But why is truth such a mystery?"

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