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hello im just posting this as a sorta security warning and i dont know if its already been posted on the site but im just going to tell u any way

there is a new patch to the old flash player avalible, some hackers have found a way into the old flashplayer and are able to "key log" accounts meaning they can know ur password and account, those people who play WOW (or some other games EG dragonfable, mechquest) will of also got the same warning when they booted up the game but its just a safety precaution cuz it will possibly upset a few people when they cant get on their accounts

anyway the site is

then all you do is click on the flash player icon that is on the right side of the page to download it the download is a small file to correct the file that hackers have found out how to hack and should only take a few mins to download even on dial-up connection

ok thought u all might just want to know its just a security warning

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