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Nov 5, 2015


Survive the zombie apocalypse in your hometown. Scavenge for loot in local stores, fortify your home, and wait for evacuation.


Explained in-game

The goal of Corpseburg is to survive until day 30s of quarantine in a location of your choosing, then make it to an extraction point that will randomly appear in one of the 4 corners of the map. To do this you will need to scavenge food, weapons, and defensive supplies from your surroundings. Using the scout button will locate local shops in your area that might have some supplies. Restaurants are likely to have food, factories are a great place to find defensive supplies. Explore your surroundings while avoiding the undead. If you do get injured, you can use medicine to heal at night. Speaking of night, keep an eye on the clock, when the sun goes down it becomes much harder to avoid the hordes of zombies. You should prepare a fortified camp to sleep in each night.

December 1, 2015

1.5.1 Minor bug fixes: Stat increases should be fixed Extraction point should spawn on dry land if possible Re balanced base damage Tweaked message settings incase of long combat reports occluding buttons.

November 18, 2015

Corpseburg 1.5.0
  • Internationalization support added.
  • Doubled the variety of random looting events
  • Random encounters added, frequency and severity based on wisdom.
  • The player will automatically switch weapons if the one he is holding breaks.
  • Weapon durability received a rework/buff.
  • Guns have received a large content patch, including a new 'gun store' type detector
  • Intelligence now governs the efficiency of medicine, as well as some context sensitive looting events.

November 13, 2015

A number of UI changes were requested by the playerbase. Weapons now have a dedicated menu for easily organizing and comparing them. The game over screen now contains details of your death, and numerous other small UI tweaks.
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