Crystal Saga

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Knight - Tank, Melee DPS. With a sturdy physique and the ability to equip the heaviest of armor, Knights have no qualms about standing on the front lines to protest their allies.
Rogue - Stealth, Melee DPS. There one moment, gone the next. Taking advantage of stealth and devastating close range attacks, the rogue's enemies often never knew what hit them.
Ranger - Control, Ranged DPS. Preferring to keep their enemies at a distance, skilled rangers utilize bows and traps to overcome opposition before reaching arm's length.
Mage - Magic DPS, AoE. Masters of fire and ice, mages are able to use their magical abilities to wipe out packs of enemies with little effort.
Nov 9, 2012

Don’t let the fact that Crystal Saga runs in a browser fool you! The world of Vidalia is vast and contains dozens of both PvE and PvP zones to fight in. With 50+ outdoor maps, 10+ dungeons and battlegrounds.



August 26, 2013

Due to a technical issue, there will be no events on the Armor Games server this week. As compensation, we are offering 3x EXP for both characters and pets, along with 3x drop rates, lasting until next maintenance.
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