Dark Power

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Feb 15, 2018


Be the Dark Lord and protect your castle from these annoying villagers.
Curse them, make them run away, screaming in terror, and build your greatness on their skulls!
Let the Dark Power be with you!

Dark Power is a strategy game, where you act as an Dark Castle owner.
You have to defend your castle against crowds of enemies, which are local villagers, magicians and knights in large numbers.

So Upgrade your castle, spells and warriors. And know, that your main advantage is that your undead warriors fight better, if you constantly instill them with your Dark Power.

Upgrades, Zombies, Magic, Castle defence, Strategy, Clicker, Action, Good Is Bad


Mouse, numbers 1-5 to release units, Q-W to switch artifacts

July 16, 2018

version 1.3 ----------- Major updates: - 9 powerful artifacts to be used in battle ! - new units - golems for ice mages, cannons for knights - and more ! - achievements added. Minor updates ------------------ - game balance slightly changed More hardcore gaming. Recommended to play from very beginning ))

February 18, 2018

version 1.2 -------------- - (!) added autoclick. Holding mouse over the units will instill Dark Power automatically. Clicking on them will instill more. Autoclick can be enabled or disabled in gsme menu - (!) units now can be released with 1-5 buttons - level goal system simplified. All the stars - only for castles HP remaining after level completion. - fixed major bug with "undefined" message after level 15 - tutorials now are shown only one time - "ArmorGames" logo moved away from skeleton archer on tower to prevent accidental click - some sound fx changed - some minor bugs fixed
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