Defense of Legends

63 1M
As the Kingdom's leader, you have a responsibility to defend against the demons of the land. This will increase your prestige. While battling, not only will your Heroes gain training experience, you will also get generous spoils of war.
Heroes play an important part in all battles in the land. Different Heroes have different Skills. Upgrading your Heroes' power will not only greatly increase their Battle Power, it will also allow you to gain an advantage during battle.
To survive in the chaos of the land you must have a powerful Stronghold. Build your Stronghold to have a steady source of resources. A stable defensive structure will help you defend against other leaders' attacks.
The land has been invaded and in is in disorder. Different areas are being ruled by local leaders. Defeat them to not only get generous resources, but also consolidate your Stronghold's defenses. Stronger enemies may give you case to ally with friends.
May 10, 2016


Fight in the world of Aidonin against monsters and demons from all corners of the planet! Retake and defend land overrun by demons on a vast map by defending pathways with heroes of varying powers and skillsets. Form Alliances with other players to earn special powers while occupying Kingdom Buildings. Become the greatest leader and build the strongest Alliance that Aidonin has ever seen!


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