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Jan 31, 2020


Defentures - nostalgic defense midcore side-scroll strategy for all dwarves fans. I’ve made it inspired by Kingdom Rush, Age of War and other old school defense flash games.

You can get more info and subscribe to news on our web site.

The game is in development for now, so there will be a lot of changes. And we will be glad to see your feedback or ideas in our Discord server.


Press "P" - Pause to get all keys info.

March 2, 2020

Fixed magic animation. Added additional safe system for saves.

February 24, 2020

Fix problem with Boss stars. (you defeat it again to get star) Try to fix bug with saves lose. But it is not guaranteed. Everyone who has lost their save can write to me on the official discord game channel to restore it. I'm still looking for possible problems. Thanks to everyone who helps to find bugs.

February 19, 2020

Skills tree (map) : - fixed problem with reset skill button - fixed problem with magic cooldown skill - fixed mage skill which summon second sphere after hit - fixed other small problems in skill tree Skill tree (level) : - now shows cost for all available tiers and skills - now shows names for hammerman skills Fixed problem with Spider Queen eggs. Fixed problem with Info Cloud on bosses.
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