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Apr 8, 2024


Delven is a strategy game with idle and RPG elements. It is currently in development; wishlist on Steam now!

Embark on an epic journey in Delven, the thrilling strategy game that combines exploration, base building, and the hunt for extraordinary loot! Immerse yourself in a world where strategy, RPG, and idle game elements meld seamlessly to create an addictive and unique gaming experience.

Adventure awaits beneath the surface! Dive deep into the unknown to unearth diverse biomes, exotic plants, and precious minerals. Expand your domain, hire diligent workers, and master the art of automated crafting. Higher-level workers can control multiple areas, so make sure your Tetris skills are up to date!

Train fearless mercenaries, vanquish terrifying monsters, and collect randomly generated weapons and armor! The auto-battle option is perfect for eliminating hordes of regular monsters, while manual controls are required to defeat tougher foes and bosses.

In Delven, you can either speed through challenges or take your time to explore the world. Battles are turn-based, so you can always take a break if needed.
And the best part? Your progress never stops! Delven features offline progress, ensuring that crafting continues even when you're away or your computer is shut down.

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Mouse and keyboard:
- WASD or right-click and drag to move the map.
- "+"/"-" or mouse wheel to zoom.
- "Q" to clear the recipe/selection in battle.
- "Esc" for the main menu.

June 14, 2024

Hello fellow delvers,
We are presenting a new major update "Nature and Death"! Try new battle strategies with new Druid and Necromancer classes, enjoy new companion models, gear item art and immersive voice acting of companions!

New mercenary professions

In addition to the Elementalist, you can now hire your mercenaries as Druids or Necromancers:
  • Druids are the ultimate allies, wielding powerful healing magic and summoning mighty totems to aid their companions.
  • Necromancers are sinister spellcasters that harness the power of death, using forbidden arts to control undead minions and unleash devastating curses upon their foes.
New professions share a skill tree but have different base stats and different skills. All three professions are designed in a way so any combination of professions in a group of 3 mercenaries has some interesting synergy.

New art for companions and gear items

Companion portraits and wearable gear items have new art now! Even more, the gear is visible on the mercenaries in battles and in the preview in worker manager, which got an interface overhaul as well.

Enjoy the update, and please report any bugs or suggestions in Discord:
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