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Aug 3, 2023


DoubleUP is a hybrid incremental/puzzle game inspired by sliding puzzle games like 2048 and Threes.
Start with a tiny 2x2 grid with measly 1 tiles and work your way up from there, upgrading the playing field and base tiles, earning achievements for discounts, and unlocking new currencies and powerful upgrades to reach larger and larger tiles.

Gain tetragons by merging low-level tiles and building up combos. Build up your combo bar my merging tiles each turn in a row. Earn awards by completing challenges to earn a discount on all shop purchases.

Effects an Music can be muted in the settings menu.
Dark mode and exponent can be activated in the settings menu.

Data is saved automatically every minute. The text box on the settings menu can be used to backup, restore, or share save data.


WASD or Arrow Keys to slide tiles.
Mouse to purchase upgrades.

August 7, 2023

And just nerfed early game combos because the new method was OP

August 7, 2023

Fixed an int overflow caused by the recent changes to how combos are calculated.

August 7, 2023

Fixed an issue with AutoBuy crashing the UI at high levels. Fixed graphical bug when shield level higher than board width. Fixed gilded mode not being added to save data. Balance: Updated multi-merge to increase combos faster.
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