Dragons Of The Void

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Visit the Market to purchase various wares to aid you on your journey.
Recruit followers to assist you during your travels, and assign them roles in various battle formations.
Restore and replenish your injured armies as you travel.
Individualize your character's development in the fully customizable Tech Trees.
Jan 4, 2024


The Void has awoken once more, unleashing all kinds of mythical and arcane horrors into the world.
It falls upon you, an untrained, would-be-farmer, to lead a small band of adventurers, exploring a fantastic world, searching for mystic secrets, all to protect hapless peoples and save the world as you know it!

Head out into the world in this RPG, discovering new areas as you Quest about, and stave off a myriad of diverse creatures as you Raid with friends! Join a Guild alongside your new companions, and contribute to its development with your allies. Whether you see yourself as a hearty warrior, a wise wizard or a sneaky rogue, you can develop your character in your desire image with interactive Player Stat and Tech Tree systems!

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