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Jun 22, 2020


Factions is a small world Action-RTS! Take control of the world to win!

How to play:
The game is split into 12 levels. To beat each level you need to capture all of the bases on the world. Bases are captured whenever there's only one player near them. Once captured, they will periodically spawn units which can be used to capture even more bases! You control the red units. Green, yellow, and blue are all controlled by different AI players. There are no teams - it's every color for themselves! Despite all units being equal, each of the colors will prioritize offense and defense differently; if you're stuck on a level try changing which bases you go after first! White bases are neutral and won't spawn any pawns until they're captured. If you want a greater challenge, try to beat the game as fast as possible! If you need some help, make heavy use of slow time (hold space)

Want to discuss the game in more detail? There's a forum post here: https://www.armorgames.com/community/thread/12675792/feedback-factions-minimalist-action-rts#reply-12675848

Did the game start but there's just a black screen and no planet? You need to turn on Hardware Acceleration in your browser settings or use a different browser

This game was originally made in a weekend for a game jam. The theme was "A Small World." I'm going to be expanding it into a full game! You can sign up for the Alpha here: https://factionsevolvedgame.com/


  • Left click + drag over red pawns to select them. Then Right Click / E to send them
  • Hold WASD / Arrow Keys / Middle Mouse to move the camera
  • Hold Space to slow time. If you want to play “hard mode” try beating the game without slowing time ;)
  • Press R to restart level

June 27, 2020

Update V1.11:
  • Added a colorblind menu to the settings screen
  • Added a colorblind option to customize the colors for each player
  • Added a colorblind option to modify the saturation of the environment
  • Added a colorblind option to display markers on top of your pawns
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