Firestone Idle RPG

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May 9, 2019


Firestone is a game with idle rpg mechanics, pvp, guilds and many more. Play the role of a leader who wants to bring together a team of heroes in a fantasy world and save the kingdom.

The game is incremental as well, meaning that you will keep upgrading your heroes until they do a quadrillion damage and much more later on. The numbers will go higher than you can imagine or even spell (9e999).

Manage countless researches and upgrades. Send your team of heroes on expeditions or conduct alchemy experiments. Join guilds and fellowships to cooperate with other players.

Acquire magic chests by running missions containing valuable resources and epic gear for your heroes. You can enchant the gear or apply magic seals on them to obtain even higher bonuses.

Become stronger and unlock the engineer. With his help create powerful war machines. Add your heroes in them as crew and play a second game campaign and pvp battles with other players.

Key Features:
Idle / Afk combat: Heroes will fight hordes of enemies on their own, unless you override them.
Gear system: From Common to Mythic rarities with dozens of enchants.
Guilds: Play with other players and help each other
PVP / Leaderboards: Who will be the best on the server?
Lore: There is a deep lore around each hero and their role.

Developer's Approach:
Firestone Idle RPG encompasses all the elements of a major mmo – rpg (role play game) has and applies them them into a casual 2D game that someone can play while there is not enough time to play an open world mmo rpg. The content is already insanely big, you will need months just to unlock all the mechanics of the game and much more to master and complete them.

If all these sound interesting to you and you try our game we would love to hear your feedback and we would be more than happy if you could leave a store review or visit our Discord page:


A: Alchemist, B: Bag, C: Character menu, E: Temple of Eternals, G: Guardian menu (Magic Quarter), H: Hall of Heroes, K: Arena of Kings, L: Library, M: Map, P: Party, Q: Quests, S: Settings, T: Town, U: Upgrades, X: Exotic Merchant, Space / Left Click: Guardian attack, Alt + Enter: Full screen toggle

1-3: Use Hero abilities

Game saves automatically every 2 minutes and can be manually saved via Settings.

*Key Features*
* Unlock Heroes with unique playstyles and abilities
* Choose your hero formation
* Assign a Leader hero and access his/her abilities by manually controlling him/her
* Research ancient knowledge at the Library
* Train and evolve your Guardian
* Access the world map and send your squads on missions for valuable rewards
* Gain chests and equip your heroes with unique gear to boost your RPG attributes
* Earn Gold by killing waves of enemies to upgrade your heroes
* Collect Firestones and start over via the Prestige mechanism to progress further

September 29, 2022

Version 6.2.3 What's New: New: * Added 3 new enemies. Changes: * The Library will now unlock at stage 45 instead of 49. * Hero Benedictus will now unlock at stage 150 instead of 200. * Hero Muriel will now unlock at stage 275 instead of 325. * The description submenu at the Magic Quarters has been merged with the info submenu. Support: Facebook: Discord: For the full patch notes list visit:

September 7, 2022

Version 6.2.2 What's New: New: * You can now switch servers without restarting the game. * New design for the Shop and the special offers. * VFX has been added on Meteorite researches and when using hero abilities. * Added an option to enable persistent health bars on heroes and enemies. * Added SFX on several UI actions. We want to thank everyone for reporting issues you encounter! Support: Facebook: Discord: For the full patch notes list visit:

August 3, 2022

Version 6.2.1 What's New: New: * The first phase of the new enemy system has been added into the game with new more polished graphics and higher variety. * Some of the new Enemies have more than 1 attack animation. Changes: * The popup that you can switch servers has been redesigned to accommodate information about your characters on other servers. * The event information popup after the offline earnings has been removed so that you get faster into battle. We want to thank everyone for reporting issues you encounter! Support: Facebook: Discord: For the full patch notes list visit:
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