Flowers and a Suit

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Aug 30, 2022


Can you help Enzo rush through town to find flowers and a suit before meeting his wife for their wedding anniversary? This is a charming and humorous point-and-click adventure inspired by Monkey Island, Full Throttle and other great classics. In order to progress, you will need to meet new characters, find helpful items and combine equipment to create innovative ways to reach your objectives.


Use your mouse to move, grab objects and interact with characters.
You can combine objects in your inventory to create new objects that can help you progress through the story.

Playthrough: about 20 minutes total


  • Story, Gameplay, Programming - Gad
  • Art - Mort, @themindofblue
  • Audio - Garrett Rose

Voice Acting

  • Enzo the Protagonist - Dave McClellan
  • Officer Lewis - Dave McClellan
  • Al the Fisherman - Paul Thomas
  • Lily the Flower lady - Sally Beaumont
  • Jane the Dog owner - Sally Beaumont
  • Paulo the Suit maker - Cyrus Nemati
  • Stacy the Barista - Ivy Dupler
  • Jim the Young stud - Noah Bize
  • Scott the shady man - Gad

Game Walkthrough (Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!)

- Talk to all the characters, they will give you some hints about what to do next and objects that help with the story progression.

- Head east and talk to Jane the dog lady. Inquire about the dog and retrieve a poop bag.
- Head east again and enter the suit shop. The shop is out of suits, you will need to find another one. Grab the scissors on the ground and leave the store.
- Head east to find a shady looking man waiting for a phone call by a phone booth. Inspect the phone booth to retrieve its phone number. This person has a great suit that would be really nice to have.
- Head east again and find some sugar dispenser on a table at the nearby coffee shop.
- Combine the sugar with the poop bag to create fake drugs.
- Ask Sandy the Barista to use the phone and call the phone cabin. This will create a diversion.
- While the shady man is on the phone, use the fake drugs onto the man's suit.
- Go back to the park and chat with the police officer. Let them know that you want to report a crime and bring him to the phone booth. Watch the cutscene.
- Grab the fancy suit on the ground. All you need now is flowers.
- To the far east you will find a flower shop, but the keys have fallen in the drain. Chat with the shop owner and she will give you some flower seeds.
- Go back all the way to the west of the map to find Al the Fisherman. He is having trouble catching anything. Throw the seeds into the water to help him on his quest. When he leaves, collect the hook on the trunk where he was sitting.
- With the police officer gone, use the scissors on the boy's kite to make him go away.
- Retrieve the string on the ground
- Combine the string with the hook. Use the generated product to collect the key from the drain next to the Flower shop.
- Give the key to the shop owner and receive flowers as a result.
- Head east towards the bus stop to meet your wife on time, watch the final cutscene.

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