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Aug 16, 2018


In Huggernaut, you can't jump. But that's no big deal – not when you've got a GRAPPLING HOOK! A grappling hook you will use to HUG ALL YOUR FRIENDS~!

Dodge spikes and blaze throúgh hoops in 23 levels in this unique, colourful platformer. Are you fast enough to get a star in every level? Well if you are, you can try the SPEEDRUN MODE, unlocked when you finish the game. This mode lets you play through all the levels consecutively and time your performance. And if you're not... then don't feel bad, I like you regardless. :)


(also explained in-game)

Run: A/D, or Q/D, or ARROW KEYS
Use grappling hook: LEFT MOUSE BUTTON (hold it down!)
Restart level: R
Exit to level select: ENTER
Mute/unmute all audio: M

August 22, 2018

I have some good news for everyone with a smaller screen, like laptop users: the game will now scale down (or rather, not scale up) on low resolutions (height < 1000px). This way, you'll no longer have to scroll up and down or zoom out to see the whole game area :) I have also fixed a bug where times with zero hundredths would display the incorrect number for seconds (00:06.00 would display as 00:05.00, for example). Thanks to MarrecoMarroquino for pointing out this!

August 18, 2018

Some small difficulty adjustments, most notably in level 20. Some star times have been increased slightly. Additionally, the cursor is now limited to the game area when in-game (in browsers that support this). This way, you no longer risk clicking outside the frame by accident! The cursor is automatically unlocked in menus, and you can also manually unlock it by pressing Esc at any time.
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