Idle Arzath Revenge

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Feb 7, 2020


Kill all humans! Upgrade your weapons and take your revenge!

Arzath is a young demon that had a happy life with his family in his small village,
One day humans destroyed his village and killed his family.
Since then, he has only been seeking revenge on humans!

Idle Arzath Revenge is an Idle shooting game, where you can upgrade your weapon and stats.

Battle humans, kill all their bosses and reach the final level!

Create a Team to continue fighting the humans!

Upgrade your team weapons and stats.

Become the Devil’s right hand!


Left Mouse Button To Aim and Shoot

March 8, 2020

*Update v1.7* -12 New Levels, part 2 of the ambush! -2 New Enemies! -Improve Aiming system! All 3 Demons have better aiming at their targets and won't shot to an unknown enemy when facing a boss. -Levels 24 - 36 have been balanced.

February 28, 2020

*Update v1.6* -Delete save/Reset Game feature For those who want a fresh start, you can reset the game and start a new game. Delete save option is available on the option menu in the main menu only. -Improved save system The Auto-Save system has been improved and working more properly. If anyone is losing his save, please let me know. -UI Improvement *Upgrade menu scroll bar is now working more smoothly. *Skill Icons are now smaller and their Tooltip size has been adjusted. *Sword Icon has been added next to the number of enemies left to fight on each wave. -New FX when enemies are spawned

February 14, 2020

*Update v1.5 -Level Select System You can now move between all the levels you have conquered! The level select is available on Manual wave only and you can only go to a new level between waves. -Improved Save system 1. Save system has been improved to prevent data loss. 2. There's now an option for Manual Save under the options menu. -HP Bar for all Enemies. All enemies now have a hp bar above their heads. -Upgrade Bullet Speed has been renamed to Arrow Speed -Health Regen and Gold Generation pop-ups are now displayed at different times.
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