Idle Online Universe

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Party with other players to defeat giant monsters!
Fishing, wood cutting, mining, expeditions - mini-games out the wazoo!
Train and level up your own minion pets!
Upgrades. So many upgrades.
Feb 7, 2017


Battle Monsters with friends, become the top guild, perform woodcutting, space expeditions and plenty more in this ever growing first of its kind Online Idle MMORPG


Explained in-game

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  • Fishing Thumbnail
    Fishing is an area where the player can obtain Fish Meat and Pearls/Clams. It is unlocked at...
  • Ascension Upgrades Thumbnail
    Ascension Upgrades
    Ascension Upgrades are bought with Ascension Points. There are 25 Ascension Upgrades available...
  • Weekly Reset
    REDIRECT Daily Reset
  • Mining Thumbnail
    Mining is a system that allows the player to gain Stone and Crystals. It is unlocked at level...
  • Daily Reset
    Every day at midnight (ET) there is a'daily reset', which will reset various daily attempts and...

Popular Articles

  • April Fools' Day Thumbnail
    April Fools' Day
    Quick emergency patch to resolve a severe issue. Here's a reward code to make up for it...
  • V0.73z
    v0.73 zeta - Apr 12, 2016 Non-series challenges (and the CP earned from them) have been reset...
  • V0.89
    v0.89 - Dec 4, 2016+25% Gold&+25% Fish Value bonuses enabled Xmas Event -ADD: Simple console...
  • Expedition Points Thumbnail
    Expedition Points
    Expedition Points are a minor currency in Idle Online Universe. It is used only to upgrade the...
  • V0.86b
    v0.86b - Oct 18, 2016 -ADD: Future survey items now have the ability to have hover-over tips...
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