Infinitum: Battle for Europe

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Map of Europe based on real geo data. Over 15,000 real cities to claim, develop and protect.
Real time battles all with skirmishes, deployments, reinforcements and outflanking manoeuvres.
Roam Europe and hunt AI enemies and capture resource points. Gain experience for later PvP wars.
Specialise and create complex alliance economies. You can build resources, build units or fight. Or, all of it at once!
Apr 30, 2015


Fight hundreds of players in a large scale RTS set in a post-apocalyptic Europe. Infinitum is a complex strategy game combining city building with real time combat on an actual map of Europe. Join other players, form alliances, and fight PvE or PvP wars (or both). The system of convoys and farms allows you to create complex economic flows, and sharing of military units allows you to be protected by alliance-mates even when you are offline.

This game can take longer to get into yet creates a deep, complex, satisfying experience, especially when played as an active member of an alliance.

- real time combat with air-drop deployments and extractions, skirmishes, reinforcements, and outflanking manoeuvres
- over 13k actual European cities to claim and develop
- PvE content for the lone wolf; PvP alliances for team players


Explained in-game

December 13, 2016

Hello, game INFINITUM celebrates 5 Year Anniversary and we have prepared for you a special birthday server! You can start to look forward to: Premium free for the duration of the entire server. All six cities for free. Double production of Beryllium from Beryllium Mine. You just can not miss this server! Celebration begins this Thursday, 12/15 at 17:00 CET. (11:00 EST)

October 11, 2016

Revolution2 server is live! Join the revolution with the most hardcore strategy on-line game on a real map of Europe! Enjoy massive PvP and PvE wars with hundreds of players and show off your skills!

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