Khan Wars

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Detailed graphic with huge 3D maps filled with players from all over the world
PvE camps filled with rewards but first.... you have to smash the bandits guarding them!
12 well balanced nations and make in-depth battles with 28 different units!
Mighty Knights
Mar 2, 2017


Khan Wars is a competitive strategy game with an exciting balance of an immersive medieval world and in-depth combat. Construct buildings, recruit soldiers, trade with other players, and battle for new territory; it’s a browser game with millions of players awaiting your influence.

Straightforward yet sophisticated, Khan Wars is designed to mold even the most inexperienced player into a seasoned warrior. Everyone can progress in a unique round based design - regularly resetting to award new champions.


Explained in-game

March 6, 2017

Khan Wars updates and fixes on Armorgames: - Regarding the Session Expired issue with the Safari browser, please try to enable the 3rd party coockies or use a different browser - We added a full scree option and you can find it in the bottom right corner to enjoy the game without scrolling - If you need help with Khan Wars, please feel free to submit a feedback Your Khan Wars Team
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