Kingdom of Pixels

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Jan 14, 2022


Kingdom of Pixels is a 2D multiplayer side-scrolling MOBA and platformer game. It is similar to the style of other MOBAs like League of Legends and DOTA 2. The game's theme is pixel-like, bringing a nostalgic and simplistic feel to it.

Choose among a diverse roster of heroes to play as, and win the match by destroying the enemy's crystal! By killing enemy minions and heroes, you gain gold to build and upgrade items and Experience to level up and become stronger. You can utilize map elements such as Runes and Brushes to your advantage and control the match in your favor.

With a wide variety of heroes and items to choose from, you'll experience unique and distinct games. Choose between a melee or ranged hero specializing in either Normal or Magic type damage, customize your item build to fit your playstyle, and conquer your enemies with plans and strategies.

Average match length: ~15 minutes

Current playable game modes
1 v 1 Ranked Match (go head-to-head with your opponent)
2 v 2 Ranked Match match up with someone and win through cooperation and teamwork)
Practice Match (play solo and try out different item combinations with your preferred hero)

How to play

  • Before the match starts, there is a 45-second preparation period that counts down to 00:00. At 00:00, the first minion wave spawns, and the Gold Rune spawns at the upper area. Use the time to position yourself near the Gold Rune so you can get the extra gold
  • Whenever you buy items, try and save some gold for at least one Health Potion! A Health Potion helps keep you in the lane as long as possible because it can keep you in high health to respond to enemy movement. Remember to avoid damage while using one, or else it will interrupt the healing
  • Buff Runes spawn every minute starting at 01:00 in the bottom area. Take advantage of these runes as the buffs you get from one can turn the tide against the enemy, especially in 2v2


W = jump
A = move left
S = move down
D = drop right
J /left-click = basic attack
K / Ctrl = 1st Ability
L / Alt = 2nd Ability
B = recall back to spawn
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5] = item actives
Right-click = sell items
(There is an option to enable / disable mouse support at the right side of the screen)

January 25, 2022

Hello everyone! New update is here v0.1.42 - Hot fixes

Spectator UI

  • Added support for mobile phone 
  • Fixed bug with missing minions after starting spectating 
  • Fixed spectate mode Arrow/WSAD Keys 
  • Fixed Spectate mode SYNC issue 
  • Fixed Spectate mode Level issue 
  • Fixed Spectate mode wrong KDA for heroes


  • Plate Armor - Reduce max health 475 => 450 
  • Chest of Malevolence - Reduce max health 250 => 200 and Cost 450 => 500


  • Shuriken Toss (K) - Cooldown increased 6 sec to 8 sec

January 25, 2022

Hello everyone! New update is here v0.1.4! Spectate Mode! 


  • Added spectate mode


  • Reduced Attack speed per level 3% => 2% Reduced armor per level 0.4 => 0.3


  • Enhanced attack (J) - Increased movement speed bonus/reduction 5 => 8 and attack speed 30% => 40%


  • Plate Armor - Increased cost 550 => 625

January 25, 2022

Hello everyone! New update is here v0.1.37b



  • Added settings to select EASY or HARD bot
  • Added Co-op Mode 
  • Co-op mode uses EASY BOT, Hard bot appear when one of players has more than 4 ranked games played


  • Enhanced Attack (J) - New:
    • On enemy hero: Reduces Attack Speed by 30%, Movement Speed by 5. 
    • On ally hero/self: Heals for 10 - 15 (based on level) (+ 60% Ability Power) per second, increases Attack Speed by 30%, and Movement Speed by 5 
    • Break distance increased to 140px 
    • Duration increased 3 sec => 5sec 
  • Old:
    • On enemy hero: Deals 25 - 34 (based on level) (+ 190% Ability Power) per second and reduces Attack Speed by 50% for 3 seconds. 
    • On ally hero/self: Heals for (+ 50% Ability Power) per second and increases Attack Speed by 50% for 3 seconds.
  • Void Phantasm (L) - Increased silence duration 3s => 4s and AP modifier 4 => 4.5


  • Shadow Carrot (L) - Reduced speed of carrot


  • Cold embrace (L) - Reduced Tick time to 250ms => 200ms

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with wrong hitboxes for minion
  • Fixed bug with Recall 
  • Fixed bug with stacking Vampiric Shield 
  • Fixed bug with wrong hitboxes for Spell objects

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