Landor Quest 2

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Nov 7, 2018


Defeat all 5 levels of the dungeon to face the dark wizard.
On each level, you must find a door and a key to reach the level’s boss.
Fight and upgrade your skills and gear to succeed!

Tips for the bosses:
-Lucas: No special strategy needed to defeat him, upgrade yourself and beat the traitor!
-Mr. Ork: His brute strength prevents you from dealing damage with autoattacks but if you use your skills you can hurt him.
-Chtongla: When you see purple energies around him, stun him with Meteor Smash so you can prevent him going berserk.
-Posessed Lucas: You can only win if you defeat him in his human form, save your skills and use them while he is in human form, you can deflect his explosion attack with Regeneration Lvl2.
- The Dark One: You can only defeat him if you kill him in his human form, save your berserk for that time, he is using the forms of previous bosses use the strategies you used against them.

Some other tips:
-Upgrade your sword and income first if you want to farm faster.
-You can go back to previous levels by using the LvL button down right at the upgrades menu.
-Altars can restore/decrease HP and energy, reveal the map, or gives you a blessing which will revive you when you die.


WASD or arrow keys and mouse

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