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Black Matter
Sep 6, 2019


Go on an epic adventure viewed through the lens of the list. This semi-idle game sees you attacking various creatures down a list, before eventually dying and upgrading your stats. You can also collect items to sell along the way and even obtain some spells.


Use mouse to click on things. Tips in the game will instruct you on the basics.

If you miss them, below is a compiled list of all tips:

- Combat – The filling circles show enemy attacks. Once full, the enemy will attack you. Slashes show your attacks. Combat is automatic. Use the pause button to pause or resume.

- The skull icon on the enemy attack indicates that it will be lethal.

- Some enemies have special attacks. These are colored and more dangerous. To see what the attack does, hover over enemy while the combat is paused.

- You can also pause with keyboard by pressing either [Space] or [P].

- Once you have enough experience, increase your level by choosing one of the stats in the level up list next to you character stats. Check your experience progress by hovering over the ‘Level’ stat.

- Spells are essential tools in combat, but can only be used a limited number of times per battle. For individual spell details, check their description.

- Items you don’t need can be sold by right clicking on them. Once you’ve sold enough items, you can claim a reward.

- You can switch skills at any time by simply clicking on an active skill to refund it.

- If you are struggling with an area, try changing your strategy by switching up some of your skills.

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