Magnet Master Redux

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Rogue: monster sweeper
Steel and Claw
Apr 24, 2023


Magnet Master Redux is an improved and extended version of the original Magnet Master, with 15 brand-new levels, 2 new stage hazards, improved controls, better balancing, particle effects, and... hats?

To reach the end, you'll have to use precise jumping and a variety of magnet-themed abilities to overcome the obstacles in each of 25 levels.

Fair warning though - it can get pretty tough. >:)

P.S. If you're playing on an old computer or low-end laptop, there's a setting to remove some of the visual effects in the options menu. Please use this feature if the game doesn't run smoothly on your device.


A: move left
D: move right
W: jump
Left click (when not attached to lightning orb): Shoot spark
Left click (when attached to lightning orb): Detach or launch from lightning orb
R: restart level
Escape: quit level
N: go to next level
B: go to previous level

April 26, 2023

Patch 4: -Levels can now be skipped with the n key -You can now go back to previous levels with the b key

April 24, 2023

Bug patch 3: - Added a reminder in level 1 to go play the tutorial, with instructions on how to get to it

April 24, 2023

Bug patch 2: - Levels can now be restarted with the R key. - Levels can now be exited with the escape key. - The tutorial can now be selected separately from the menu.
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