Malware Madness

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Feb 12, 2024


An evil virus has taken over every robot on the continent, and you're the only one not forced to do its bidding. Destroy the virus's transmitters and put the virus out of commission!



  • Use the arrow keys to move
  • Use the up arrow key to jump
  • Use the "Z" key to interact with glowing objects
  • Use the "X" key to dash
  • Keyboard controls can be changed in the settings menu


  • Use the joystick to move
  • Use the on-screen buttons to jump, interact with glowing objects, and dash
  • Mobile control scale can be changed in the settings menu

February 26, 2024

Casual Mode and UI Update!

Hey all! I'm still on break but decided to quickly whip up a content update that's been on my mind for a while. As a side note, other than major bugs or tweaks to things such as casual mode, the next update (v1.4.0) will be the LAST major content update, namely the items labelled as "COMING SOON". See below for lists of additions and fixes in the current build:
  • Casual Mode has been added! (BETA)
    • All power ups in this mode are +2 seconds long
    • Checkpoints!
      • Checkpoints save ALL data, meaning if you had one transmitter left, then you only have to destroy that transmitter instead of reverting back to a previous state
      • The only catch is you respawn at the last checkpoint touched (it will turn green)
      • I am not willing to negotiate on how checkpoints work at the time being so please do not hound me about it
    • Parts cannot be obtained in this mode
    • This is currently in "beta" testing as I adjust things according to feedback
  • The UI has gotten a major buff! I originally made this game in a jam and the UI was heavily overlooked. I'm happy with the new UI, but let me know if something seems off
  • Added 2 new music tracks that randomly play when entering in a level / respawning after death in normal mode (total of 5 music tracks in levels with a few more planned for the next update!)
  • Rather than fading between layouts on the title screen, the camera now moves to the next layout (e.g. title screen to difficulty screen)
  • Moved the power up time wheels to be underneath the "remaining transmitters" box (i.e. they have been moved to the top left)
    • This is subject to change
  • Modified the colors of power ups, ending badges, and power up time wheel
  • Fixed the hint in level one that tells the player how to move, requiring the player to move to read it (yikes!)
  • Fixed (maybe?) the running sound sometimes still playing after death (in normal mode) or once a level was finished
  • Once again adjusted wall jump (it's still awful, just some wall detection adjustments)
  • Game is now playable on mobile again
  • The power up wheels should now be an accurate representation of how much power up time is left (I got comments about randomness of the power up time, which was not true but a side effect of the timer wheels being inaccurate)
  • Fixed the jump sound sometimes not playing when wall jumping
  • Enemy timings are random and should not be
  • Selecting UI elements without a mouse
  • Some visual indicator to display levels completed in casual mode versus levels in normal mode (currently the only way to tell the difference is by collecting a part and getting the checkmark next to the level)
  • Invincibility's timer wheel is inconsistent with its actual duration
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