Math Ball

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May 28, 2020


Math Ball
Math Ball is a physics based math ball game for Web browsers and Android mobile phones.
It's designed to be simple to play (one finger or mouse only) but challenge your math, aiming and multitasking skills

The objective of the game is to solve math problems while under a timer, and at the same time control a sliding and bouncing physics ball to avoid the balls with incorrect answers and hit the ball with the correct answer.

Game play
Hitting the wrong ball will cost you precious time and make your ball grow in size. It will also color the answer ball red and have it stay and harass you until you solve all math problems and finish the level. Hitting the correct ball will reward precious time and clear all remaining balls (except the red balls of course).

Moving through the levels the game becomes more difficult with harder math problems, moving and rotating obstacles and more balls bouncing around at each math problem.

Google Play
Math Ball is also available at Google Play on Android

Updates & Contact
For updates or if you'd like to get in touch, you can find me on Twitter @ SaeedPrez


Explained in-game

June 3, 2020

* Added 10 new levels * Added website & Twitter links. * Level select now scrolls to your current level * Removed quit button * And more..
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