Mighty Party

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Tile-based & fast-paced innovative battle system. Easy to grasp and extremely tactical! Infinite squad combinations from dozens of Champions with their own strengths and weaknesses.
Lots of ways to power-up Heroes: level-up them, bind them with others, turn them into GOLD ones!
Turf Wars is a new widescale game mode where Guilds fight against each other for the most valuable territories. Prepare for glory!
Captivating PVP (Rankings, Tournaments, Events, Survival, Raids etc.) with great rewards!
Apr 6, 2017


Lead your MIGHTY PARTY to victory! Fast 3-MINUTE BATTLES will not let you get bored! Dozens of heroes reveal THOUSANDS of unique tactics to defeat all the opponents. Play Imperial Archer, protect him with Wind Ninja, strengthen them with Magic of Divinity and destroy opponent’s forces.


Explained in-game

January 28, 2022

Adventurers! ⚔ We took a closer look at the heroes that weren’t used so often in your squads. The changes will affect the two heroes of the coming “Lunar Festival” event: Griffius, the Celestial, and Amaterasu, Eternal Sun. Now Griffius will deal massive damage to random lines while increasing the survivability of his allies, and Amaterasu will receive strong protective skills that will make her a strong consideration for each squad. After this balance change, these heroes will help you enrich your squad and will provide you with new powerful synergies! You can read more about the changes on our Facebook page: We look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions!

January 24, 2022

Heroes! 🏮 It is good to break away from seemingly unending festivities and to get back to work. But there’s only so much time one can take away from celebrating. It's time to get back in the mood — the Lunar Festival is almost here! In preparation for the Festival, we have done a lot of cleaning up, and even sneaked in some construction work. Let’s take a look at what changed in this, the first Mighty Party update of 2022. General changes: - New game mode — Coliseum. Take a break from regular routine and play one of three rotating mini-games to get quick rewards on the side that will accelerate your progression; - With Coliseum, we are sunsetting the Brawl game mode. It has been almost identical to the Hall of Fame and didn’t bring much to the table. With it, Training is gone too, however you can still challenge friends or players from the leaderboard to a fight without worrying about your Fame; - Updated Daily Bonus: whether you're just starting your journey or coming back after a long break, we are ready to give you a new warm welcome, in style! - Added new Wish Shops with Epic and Rare heroes; - New animated effects and decorations for the Lunar Festival, including new Event loading animation and a new guest, the mighty dragon, on the main screen. Bug fixes and minor enhancements: - Fixes for many minor visual glitches; - Fixed a bug that caused no gain of Fame after victory in rare circumstances; - Fixed History window in Events not showing up properly; - Fixed a rare issue with UI disappearing on the main screen after network loss and consequent game restart; - Fixes for “Investment in Bonds” and for looping Events; - Fixed issues in texts and translations. We have come a long way in the past year, made a lot of changes to the game. We do not intend to stop; on the contrary — we want to increase our speed! And with that we hope that you are as excited about this new 2022 year as we are.

January 21, 2022

Heroes! 🏮 We're already hanging lanterns and getting ready to welcome the Lunar Festival in all its glory! There are many surprises in store for you this holiday because every year Adam hosts a celebration in the name of his great victory over the ancient evil. At the Lunar Festival, every inhabitant of Pangea can pay tribute to the ancestors and their infinite wisdom. There is a table full of food and drinks for everyone. Fireworks and gifts will also be available, of course — what's a holiday without them? · The festivities will begin with the Legendary Wish Shop, which will be available from 01.21 to 01.24. · From 01.24 to 01.31 you'll be battling Pangaea's most powerful creatures in the Special Pit and claiming their treasure! · From 01.25 to 01.28 the Epic Wish Shop will appear for the first time! · From 01.28 to 02.03, a new hero, Tai Ling Dragon Dance, will join the celebration in the Lunar Festival event! · From 01.31 to 02.03 everyone's favorite Battle Packs will be in the Shop! · From 02.01 to 02.04 High Growth and Rare Wish Shop will appear for the first time! · From 02.02 to 02.04 the gates of the Divine Arena will be open. · From 02.04 to 02.07 we've got Special Offers not to be missed! · From 02.07 to 02.10 Special Summon will let not only new heroes join your squad, but also those you may have missed in previous events. The atmosphere is festive and invitations to the Lunar Festival have already been sent out to all the heroes. It's time to set off the fireworks and pay homage to the ancestors all over Pangea!
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