Mini Magbot

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Jan 29, 2024


MiniMagbot is a physics platformer where you play as a robot with magnet powers!

Movement is hover based. Glide over small gaps, lower the hover height to crouch, and quickly increase hover height to "jump". The robot can also push and pull on magnetic anchors and boxes to maneuver around obstacles.

32 Levels
- An optional Challenge Token in each level.
- An optional Trial Time to beat for each level.
12 Unlockable Cosmetics
- 125 total skin combinations!
3 Unlockable Minigames
- Flappy Bot
- Aurora Simulator
- Dome Defender
Speedrun Mode

Volume, music, and gamespeed can be adjusted in the settings menu.
Decreasing gamespeed does not prevent stars or cosmetics from being earned!

At 32 stars, the "Token Hunter" is unlocked in the main menu, which will take you to the next level you haven't collected the token in. At 64 stars, the "Trial Hunter" is unlocked, which does the same thing for time trials. Hopefully these help anyone going for 100% completion!


WASD or Arrow Keys to move
Z or K to Push
X or L to Pull
R to restart
ESC to return to menu

February 1, 2024

Fixed a bug where pressing ESC on the main menu would attempt to exit the game, freezing it. Updated L00001 and L10001 to more clearly show the ability to hover over a single layer of spikes. Made some time trials more forgiving.

January 2, 2024

Initial release
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