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Dec 23, 2021


It's tough farming on an ever-changing mountain - when the mists roll in, everything disappears! Still, the mountainside has rich soil and its hidden trails hold treasure and secrets. Use your skill at farming, crafting, and alchemy to hold back the vanishing mists as long as possible. When they inevitably arrive, retreat to the abandoned village of Oncewas and rebuild it to its former glory. The returning villagers will unlock new upgrades and powers for future farms.

Skill-based Farming
The peculiar crops that grow on Moondrop are particular plants. They must be matched up with their neighbors in order to flower and flourish. Exotic plants will warp across the farm, clone themselves, or tunnel away from your fields. A farmer who can wrangle these weird and wily crops will make a substantial profit. The famously finicky mistberry is difficult to grow, but it may be used to hold off the vanishing mists and keep the farm in place for a few more days.

Explore a Shifting Landscape.
Every hike up the misty mountain offers a new trail to explore. Discover new seeds, perks, and blueprints hidden away along the procedurally-generated trails. Each discovery will unlock new possibilities on the next farm. Solve puzzles to learn the secrets of the mountain.

Rebuild the Village of Oncewas
Like the ocean tides, the vanishing mists cannot be held at bay forever. When they arrive, return to the ruins of a once-thriving village. Use the resources you've collected to rebuild the town from the ground up. The people who move back in, be they blacksmith or fortune teller, will help you on your next farm. Restore Oncewas to its former glory and unlock new powers and playstyles.

Return to the mountain smarter, faster, stronger
Like the winter frost, the vanishing mists eventually recede. Return to the mountainside and begin anew. Use the knowledge you've learned and the seeds that you've earned to build a better farm. With persistence and the support of the villagers of Oncewas, you will one day reach the top of the mountain.


WASD or Arrow Keys: Move (option to use an AZERTY keyboard instead of QWERTY)
F or '/': Plantovision. Pause time and plan out your seed planting
Space or Tab or Enter: Inventory menu
1 - 8: Item hotkeys
Left click and hold: Use equipped item
Right click: Unequip item
Mouse wheel: Scroll through hotkeys

June 20, 2022

Lots to go over with this new update - we've got about six months of work packed in here! Structurally, the biggest change is that the Mountain Trail is no longer accessible every day. Every third day, you have a choice of exploring the mountain trail. If you choose to go, you get time dedicated to simply exploring the trail. The farming day will happen as normal afterward you run out of trial time or return to the farm. The trail is now completely procedurally-generated, and there are tons of surprises to find there. The other biggest change is that crops don't disappear on harvest any more. All crops will revert to seeds after harvest, not just special 'Rooted' ones. The game becomes much more about building up a farm rather than filling in holes. It feels much more satisfying, in my opinion. The other other biggest change is the addition of a meta-game based around rebuilding a village between farms. This village will make you more powerful as you purchase upgrades there. The other other other biggest change is the new mist... well, probably best just to get to the full changelog. - As mentioned above, the trail is completely separate from the farm now. In addition, the trail is a single large maze now, and you can find the old puzzle challenges by wandering around. Currently, only four of the old eight puzzles are reimplemented for the new trail. - Also featured in the trail: time flowers, moon flowers, seed stashes, and bee palaces. - Possible rewards: rare potions, unlocking of new seeds / perks / blueprints, mistberries, crafting ingredients - The farm and the trail are initially covered in magical mist. As you move around, you clear the mist so long as you have fuel in your moonlight lantern. Mist will come back overnight on the farm and cover up any crops or furniture, destroying it forever. You can prevent this with moonlamps and moon orbs, which protect an area around them. All farm starts with one moonlamp, with more available at the village, and moon orbs are always craftable. - The farm can be explored. Hidden caches can be found underneath the mists. - Each farm will only last 10 days now, although that time can be extended by successfully growing mistberries. These plants can be found on the mountain trail and are very difficult to grow. - In between farms, you now travel to the village of Oncewas (pictured above) and rebuild it. Rebuilding the village will grant you upgrades and powers for your next farm. - No more high score screen. I wasn't getting enough involvement there to justify keeping it in forever - Arrow keys now work for movement. - Press X to have Jay wave at you - Elemental potions now convert rocks to elemental rocks that help (or hurt) crop growth. Elemental rocks no longer need a perk to appear - Lots of particle effects, mouse icon animations, foliage shaders, screen shake, and other juicy updates - UI theme overhaul, so it doesn't look like something from a game jam anymore - Lotsa new perks. Got rid of some overpowered or useless ones. - Inventory screen allows stack management with 'Ctrl' and 'Shift'. Inventory screen now includes 'trash' and 'drop' actions - Rebalanced costs of upgrades so that money is much more important. Also, you'll need more money each time you visit the mountain trail. - Speedy boots now provide a constant boost instead of requiring a button press and energy - Bushes now appear on the farm and may be destroyed with an ax - Probably a dozen things I've forgotten about
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