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Mar 7, 2022


Mr.Mine Idle - The Idle Mining Game

Get rich or die mining! Idle your way through the mines, unearth treasures, and discover what great mysteries lie in the depths below!


Explained in-game

August 16, 2023

Major Update v0.44 - More tickets, new relics, extended Titan & more!

Hope your summer was (or still is) fantastic. We meant to roll this update out a bit sooner, but better late than never, right? Dive in!

Ticket changes Tickets are more common from scientist excavations. Tickets can now appear in trades and caves.

New shop items Building Materials & buffs Reduced Orange Fish respawn Basic Drones turn around automatically on full inventory View hidden excavations

Scientist Changes Drag & drop Relics. Relics are now capped at 20 instead of 15 and additional slots can be purchased with tickets from the relic tab. Reworked the Scientists reward scaling formulas to smooth out the curve. Will make higher level scientists more worth keeping. Lower level scientists will be slightly weaker, higher levels will be much stronger. Smaller reward excavations will now be more time efficient (time spent on excavation relative to the reward amount.) Scythes are now capped at 80% Big cheese now has a decreased spawn chance if another scientist is currently on a big cheese mission. Big cheese is now capped at capacity instead of 2x to account for increased capacity from 5 extra relic slots which has the potential to increase your capacity by 3.25x.

New relics Onyx Oracle - Mineral deposit amount multiplier (15/20/25)% Ruby Resonator - Mineral deposit spawn multiplier (10/15/20)% Key of the Void - Increased Ethereal Chests spawn chance (5.5/7/8.5)% (capped at 85%)

Titan Changes +200km 12 new drill upgrades 1 new boss and 2 new monsters

Super Miner Changes Skill super miners can now be Shift clicked in the super miner UI to cast their skill. Goldalf minerals required per reward no longer scales down with level. Instead the mineral, money, and super mineral souls rewards scale with level. Building materials will no longer be granted as rewards if you have no structures to level up. Nerfed Thoth from 300% to 150% to account for increasing relic slots. Buffed Master Mined which is the legendary auto seller. Now has a secondary passive, it now automatically sells any minerals that breaks capacity by 2x. (This should help with getting too many minerals from different rewards and needing to sell) Chest Spawning Super Miners now have a spawn cap of 2200% across all Super Miners. (2 legendary level 10 orange fish) Anything over 2200% is instead converted to a reward multiplier on all chests. The vast majority of players should not be affected by this and there is still a benefit to having more than 2 legendary level 10 chest super miners. Buffed the Mineral Deposit super miners by adjusting how mineral deposits spawn. Previously the spawn rate capped the amount that could spawn to 1 every 30 seconds which was super lame. Multiple can now spawn per 30 second tick.

Other Changes Add slot button in the Super Miners UI now has a warning that it doesn't grant Super Miners Mineral deposits now scale with depth similar to all other rewards in the game. Blueprint ingredients now have little progress bars for each mineral. Weapons are now drag and droppable in the weapon stats menu in the underground. Allowing for you to reorganize them for battles. Fixed a bug where the “Master Mined” super miner could not be claimed if your slots were full. Minerals are now lockable with number characters for example "1T", "100B", etc. Drones now have the option to be sent back. Added the ability to extend a cave by 30 minutes for 1 ticket. Battle UI now only has 3 columns now instead of an empty 4th column Energy bar on HUD now displays properly when the reactor is unlocked.

Here is a code for 20 tickets that you can redeem on Android or PC! (expires August 29th 2023)


To use it click on the garage in game then click “Use tickets” and then “Redeem” and enter this code.

October 27, 2022

Major Update v0.40 - Super Miners

Are normal miners not cutting it for you anymore? Do you find yourself wanting something a little more grand? Well have no fear, Super Miners are here! Super Miners wander around your mines and perform many actions for you!

Mining (mineral) - Increases miner speed at its depth by a % Mining (isotope) - Increases the number of isotopes mined on its depth by a %
Buff - Every X minerals it mines it grants a buff.
Drilling - Jumps on your drill and increases the mining speed by a %
Seller - Automatically sells x amount of the selected mineral every second.
Egg - Passively gains experience and levels up for free, increasing its scrap amount. (gaining you more super miner souls)
Chest - Increases chest spawns on its current depth and 2 depths above and below.
Deposit - Increases mineral deposit spawn chance by X and cap by Y.
Booster - Increases the effect of the super miners it bumps into.
Reward - grants a random reward every X minerals.

Super Miners come from Ethereal chests. Ethereal chests can spawn very rarely, be compressed from gold chests, or purchased in the shop. Each super miner can be leveled up with Super Miner souls increasing their abilities. You can gain souls from scraping super miners, from Ethereal chests, from scientist excavations, and possibly other features in the future.

Chest Compressor
The chest compressor has been reworked.
It has been moved from the second world down to the first world at 700km. The conversion rates are much more favorable now, but there is now a time to convert chests. There are 2 new structure upgrades to facilitate these changes. One for time to compress and one for the number of chests required to compress from one to the other.

Other changes
- Doubled the frame rate.
- New Cave Tutorial.
- Reactor moved down to W2-100km
- Reviving Scientist no longer scales cost based on rarity.
- Some pop ups will now show above other popups without closing the previous popup.
- Replaced confirmation popups and text input popups with a newer nicer looking popup.
- All sorts of weird performance improvements.
- Added a survey which grants some tickets
- Many other QoL improvements.

Watch the feature update trailer here:
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