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Mar 28, 2024


Welcome to MUTABLOB!

This is a challenging, rogue-like-esque take on the classic tower defense genre, focused on a more hands-off approach for the player. Your goal is to help a colony of blobs defend themselves against an endless onslaught of enemies by gaining experience, levelling up, and selecting upgrades which will help your blobs mutate into more powerful fighters! You must survive for as long as possible, but don't expect an easy fight!


This game is very simple controls wise. Just pick the mutation you want your blobs to have whenever you level up!

April 3, 2024

0.8.4 Released

- Fixed another crash bug - 'Heavy Fist' now gives +10 flat Melee Damage (from 0.05% more) - 'Rarity' and 'Bonus Experience' is now capped at 100% increase - Improved enemy wave spawn - Fixed armorgames intro - More Experience is now required after level 100 - Rebalanced a lot of other minor values - Added version number to main scene

What caused the crash?

It was very hard to find out because it only happened late into the game. Enemies have a chance to spawn with a mutation, one of them is 'Armor Plates', similar to the Blobs version it reduces incoming Ranged DMG by 80% (was 50% before, this is important later). Another one is specific to the 'Virus' enemy called 'Thorns', which does exactly what you'd expect. The longer the game goes on the higher the chance that an Enemy spawns with one of these mutations, and sometimes they even get multiple at once. Now what happens when a Blob with Thorns attacks a Virus with Thorns? They reflect the damage back to each other until one of them is dead. No problem here (although as of this version, reflected damage no longer triggers other reflected damage). The crash happens because if a Virus has both 'Armor Plates' and 'Thorns' the reflected damage (if it started from a ranged attack) would be reduced each time it bounces, until it eventually reaches 0. If that happens, no unit will die, resulting in an infinite loop. The crash only started to appear after some minor balance changes, one of which was buffing the Enemy 'Armor Plates' from 50% to 80%. Before that, the crash could have theoretically happened, but in most cases the damage was high enough to kill either unit before it reached 0. In the end the fix was pretty easy: If the reflected damage is 0 or less, ignore it.

April 2, 2024

0.8.0 version released - (hopefully) fixed a bug that could crash the game - Stat upgrades now also show up in the 'Legendary' category - 'Frozen Hull' now works properly and only slows attackspeed - 'Natural Selection' now gives 2 ranged DMG instead of 5 every 10 seconds - Upgrades that instantly spawn blobs and 'Spawn X blobs on Levelup' are now affected by 'Bonus Spawn Chance' - Enemy's mutation 'Plated Armor' now gives 80% reduced ranged DMG taken (was 50%) - Added Mutation 'Diagonal Strikes', allows blobs to attack diagonally in melee range - Blob melee attack is now capped at 99999 - Some other minor balance changes Expect another patch soon!
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