Myth of Mirka

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Aug 11, 2022


Myth of Mirka is a moral-based choose your own adventure visual novel with 230 pages of wild stories and artificially generated images from DALL-E 2 by OpenAI. There is only 1 “Good” ending and 23 "Bad" endings. You WILL die a lot!!! Enter at your own risk...

The Myth of Mirka started during World War III when an abominable snowman was caught on film eating a local villager in the town of Mirka. The video quickly went viral on social media, attracting wealthy tourists in private jets trying to capture the beast on film to boost their followers.

To show your support to the Developer (Shawn Kilian), please consider buying Myth of Mirka on Steam for yourself or a friend:

I also created another game called "The Last AntLion" that you can play for free here on Armor Games:

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Art by DALLE-2 from OpenAI

Endless book by echo17

Soundtrack by Imperial_Dawn_Audio

Heathen Group Steamworks Achievements Asset

PlayMaker visual scripting tool:


LEFT MOUSE CLICK anywhere on a page to move forward or backward a page.
M = Mute
Q = Quit
TABLE OF CONTENTS button in the top left corner will return you to Page 01.

The story will be written on the LEFT page
Your choices will be written on the RIGHT page.
Sometimes there will only be 1 choice, this is intentional.

September 10, 2022

After a lot of feedback from players, I decided to re-create Myth of Mirka from the ground up with a much more realistic (and animated) book, twice as much storyline, computer-generated AI images from DALLE-2, and brand-new music! If you've already played the original Myth of Mirka, please consider playing the updated version and leaving an updated rating/comment. Official Myth of Mirka Trailer: Sincerely, Shawn Kilian Creator of Myth of Mirka

August 15, 2022

Removed the 2 random endings!
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