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Sep 28, 2018


Everyone likes numbers that go up. Play NGU Idle and get the exciting rush of so many numbers going up!

With NGU Idle you’ll get:

* Weekly updates! Maybe even more! Probably less!
* An RPG and inventory system!
* Loot drops for days!
* A really weird story if you’re into that.
* A mix of Idle and Active play to satisfy everyone except really grumpy people.
* Progress Bars everywhere!
* A snarky, very active dev who is extremely attractive and not biased at all.
* Crappy Puns.

You can also find NGU's discord here:


You click a bunch of buttons and make the numbers go up. C'mon, it's an idle game, not rocket science!

December 13, 2018

Build .411 "MERRY HOLIDAY-MAS-UKKAH-WANZAA" * Added a festive new theme for the (insert holiday of choice) season! Go burn your retinas off staring at the new candy cane look! * Added some special challenge completion rewards for Evil challenges! * Evil Blind challenges now awards +2% Daycare Speed per completion in Evil. * Evil Basic challenges award 2% to Adventure stats. * Evil Troll challenges 1/2/3 grant an Accessory/MacGuffin/Daycare slot respectively. * Gave Wandoos a rework for Evil difficulty, to make it more evil. The old bonus divider has been removed. In its place there is now one h*ckin' divider to its speed. To help offset this though... * Added 2 new MacGuffins for Energy Wandoos Speed and Magic Wandoos Speed. These MacGuffins can be found in Evilverse and Pretty Pink Princess Land. * Added one more MacGuffin slot to unlock for AP. * The Mystery Prize can now be used on the daycare. Simply click the kitty to cycle through any unlocked designs! * MacGuffins can now be right-clicked to equip into an empty MacGuffin slot or merge onto an already equipped MacGuffin. * Added custom adventure stats purchases in the Exp menu. You can buy as much power/toughness/hp/regen as your heart's desire. Or until the game breaks. * The Greasy Nerd will now drop a random MacGuffin! * And be sure to use your daily spins during this time period! You may just unlock something ;) * And like, 50 more things in the Sellout Shop are on sale for this Holiday period! Enjoy!

December 5, 2018

Build .410-3 "I Bet This Hotfix Was a Surprise! ...Right?" * Fixed certain 2+ month old files not able to load into .410. * Fixed Greasy Nerd Titan hacking NGU so hard his stat gains became permanent. Instead a hack now raises the growth counter for the fight by 8. Almost the same effect I guess...

December 4, 2018

Build .410 "The Update With The Most Anime" * Added 2 new zones for the endgame: Pretty Pink Princess Land and a new titan: GREASY NERD. These zones unlock at boss 100 and 125 in Evil Difficulty, respectively. Have fun! * Added Items 231-249. * Added set bonuses for the new gear. * Added a PP reward to each titan from THE BEAST on! Every kill will give you a small dump of PP, and this works for autokills, both online and offline! * Added a right-click function to perks to buy as many levels as you can with your PP. Screw you, carpal tunnel! * Added about 12 more tiers of damage messages, it goes up to 1e19 damage now! * Added lots and lots of Anime. * Changed how the daycare digger works: Before, it worked by dividing the time per level gained, so you could simply turn on the digger, take an item out of the daycare for a huge benefit, and turn it off. Now it works by affecting the speed directly, and only while on. Overall the effect should be better, but you can't cheese it anymore. * One more MacGuffin slot can be unlocked for AP now! * Swapped out the sales: Now EXP, the yellow and purple heart, and digger slots are on sale! * Changed the design of the Energy and Magic displays in the top left, in anticipation of adding a third resource there one day :o.

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