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Sep 28, 2018


Everyone likes numbers that go up. Play NGU Idle and get the exciting rush of so many numbers going up!

With NGU Idle you’ll get:

* Weekly updates! Maybe even more! Probably less!
* An RPG and inventory system!
* Loot drops for days!
* A really weird story if you’re into that.
* A mix of Idle and Active play to satisfy everyone except really grumpy people.
* Progress Bars everywhere!
* A snarky, very active dev who is extremely attractive and not biased at all.
* Crappy Puns.

You can also find NGU's discord here:


You click a bunch of buttons and make the numbers go up. C'mon, it's an idle game, not rocket science!

December 5, 2018

Build .410-3 "I Bet This Hotfix Was a Surprise! ...Right?" * Fixed certain 2+ month old files not able to load into .410. * Fixed Greasy Nerd Titan hacking NGU so hard his stat gains became permanent. Instead a hack now raises the growth counter for the fight by 8. Almost the same effect I guess...

December 4, 2018

Build .410 "The Update With The Most Anime" * Added 2 new zones for the endgame: Pretty Pink Princess Land and a new titan: GREASY NERD. These zones unlock at boss 100 and 125 in Evil Difficulty, respectively. Have fun! * Added Items 231-249. * Added set bonuses for the new gear. * Added a PP reward to each titan from THE BEAST on! Every kill will give you a small dump of PP, and this works for autokills, both online and offline! * Added a right-click function to perks to buy as many levels as you can with your PP. Screw you, carpal tunnel! * Added about 12 more tiers of damage messages, it goes up to 1e19 damage now! * Added lots and lots of Anime. * Changed how the daycare digger works: Before, it worked by dividing the time per level gained, so you could simply turn on the digger, take an item out of the daycare for a huge benefit, and turn it off. Now it works by affecting the speed directly, and only while on. Overall the effect should be better, but you can't cheese it anymore. * One more MacGuffin slot can be unlocked for AP now! * Swapped out the sales: Now EXP, the yellow and purple heart, and digger slots are on sale! * Changed the design of the Energy and Magic displays in the top left, in anticipation of adding a third resource there one day :o.

November 17, 2018

Build .409 "New Spells & Dark Theme!" * Added a Dark Theme to the settings menu! If you hate NGU's normally bright colours, this is the theme for you! * Cleaned up a lot of the graphics for NGU Includes changes such as: * Figuring out how to remove the compression on a lot of the UI graphics. No more JPEG!! * Fixing the tab changing code so tabs are no longer off by 1-2 pixels. * Tweaked the graphics to generally have crisper, cleaner lines * Added another 2 fancy themes which are the same as the normal and dark themes, only with fancy, shiny gold borders! More on that later. * Added two new spells to Blood Magic - Both help raise the levels of your equipped MacGuffins! Both spells are unlocked by purchasing a perk from the ITOPOD. Speaking of: * Added two new perks to ITOPOD! These both unlock the 2 new spells in Blood Magic. Go Figure. One costs 100 PP and can be bought in normal difficulty. The other costs 5000 PP and can only be bought in Evil Difficulty. * Added the ASCENDED NEWBIE Pack to the Sellout Shop. If you've bought the Stupid Newbie Pack you can grab this new pack to become a Stupid Newbie that has ascended beyond a Stupid Newbie, or you could say, a Stupid Newbie 2. * You'll get: 600,000 AP (modified by bonuses), the Red Heart (adds 225,000 AP if you filter the heart/don't have space/ have the set bonus), the Lazy ITOPOD Shifter (adds flat 225,000 AP if you have it already), 4 of every consumable, AND unlock those two golden border themes! Because ascending means something has to become gold. * Added items 229 and 230.

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