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Sep 28, 2018


Everyone likes numbers that go up. Play NGU Idle and get the exciting rush of so many numbers going up!

With NGU Idle you’ll get:

* Weekly updates! Maybe even more! Probably less!
* An RPG and inventory system!
* Loot drops for days!
* A really weird story if you’re into that.
* A mix of Idle and Active play to satisfy everyone except really grumpy people.
* Progress Bars everywhere!
* A snarky, very active dev who is extremely attractive and not biased at all.
* Crappy Puns.

You can also find NGU's discord here:


You click a bunch of buttons and make the numbers go up. C'mon, it's an idle game, not rocket science!

February 3, 2019

Build .413 "Happy Anniversary, NGU!" * As of Feb 3 it'll be one year of NGU Idle on Kongregate! Yaaaaaaaay! * As a thank you for being a friend, I've given everyone 7 bonus daily spins! They give the same prizes and bump up your total spin count as you'd expect. * For this very special update, I've also added in a metric buttload of content! * Three more fruits have been added! The Fruit of Power Delta, Watermelon, and the Fruit of MacGuffin Beta! * Added 2 new zones onto the end of Evil difficulty: The Meta Lands and The Interdimensional Party! Meta lands is slightly tougher than nerd V2, and it scales from there. * Also added a new TITAN, appearing beyond the newly added zones! * Added items 251-293. That's a lotta items. * Added the NUMBER, Blood, and Adventure MacGuffins! * Added a new feature: QUESTING! If you can defeat the Beast, you will prove yourself heroic enough to grind for another type of currency, Quirk Points :D! * Added Quirks, to go along with the Questing feature. These are like Perks, except I took off the 'Pe' and slapped in 'Qui'. It’s genius. They use Quirk Points that you earn from Questing! There’s about 20 Quirks to start, and more will come! * Added a few Perks that help out the Questing feature too! * Added 2 'Buy all custom inputs' button for Energy and Magic EXP purchases. This will simultaneously buy the custom inputs for power, cap, and bars. * Fixed a bug where trying to input a new target for a rapidly filling Augment or NGU would keep getting erased. * The looting system has been majorly reworked for Chocolate World and beyond. Previously you were given a small flat chance of a drop, and then more was given based on a formula that took your drop chance bonus directly. If you had very low drop chance bonus, it sucked to loot. Now, there is no more flat drop chance chance, but the formula uses the cube root of your drop chance bonus. In general, it should be way more generous and forgiving to players with smaller drop chance bonuses. * Added a whole lotta stuff to Sellout shop, to please the corporate overlords! Some new shiny upgrades and a consumable for the Questing feature, a new accessory slot, a couple small QOL upgrades, a Kitty Art pack (:o), the Orange Heart, and you can now buy PP if you really, really want to.

January 12, 2019

Build .412 "The Land of 1000 NitPicks - Crushed" * 164+ minor bugs/typos/formatting issues have been fixed via a giant "Nitpick list" that was handed to me by TBlazeWarriorT! The full, raw list can be found here: * Some highlights are: Fixed several UI elements not swapping to dark theme, Improved formatting and bugfixes in the stats breakdown, diggers preview their effects when inactive, anti flicker added to Adv Training and beards, MacGuffin spells now activate the purple light when off cooldown, and puh-lenty more! * The Lazy ITOPOD Shifter setting is now toggleable inside the ENTER THE ITOPOD menu. * You can now start the itopod from your max floor-1 instead of -10. The lowest max floor is also now 1, instead of 20. Why didn't I do that in the first place? * The Energy/Magic Input box now accepts numbers in a lot of different formats, and displays them a lot more prettily! :3 * The Troll popup in the Troll Challenge is now 500% more trolly c:. * For example, you can now input a number with commas (ie: 9,234,444,876), m/b/t/q suffixes (ie: 54m becomes 54,000,000), and scientific notation (5e+6 => 5,000,000). The prettier formatting also works on the custom input buttons! * 3 New perks have been added! 2 perks make iron pill suck a little less in the mid/endgame, and a lategame perk to get an extra daycare slot! Yaaaay! * 2 New fruits have been added: The Fruit of Rage and The Fruit of MacGuffins. * Clockwork boots now drop with more boosts. Say that five times fast. * The newbie experience has (hopefully) been revamped. The tutorial tooltips should be easier to follow, A lot of buttons and menus that were unnecessary to see as a newbie are now hidden until the appropriate time, etc. Newbies are a precious resource that we must all try to conserve! * New files now begin with 24 inventory spaces (2 rows) instead of 10. * The PACK OF PISSED OFF DUDES has been released! Find in it the special offers menu in the 4G sellout shop. For 565 kreds, you can you have your name immortalized in NGU, as a randomly generated ITOPOD enemy! You'll also see your name at any time in a supporter list, found in the Info N' Stuff menu. * The *first* time you purchase the PACK OF PISSED OFF DUDES, you also get AP equal to the 400 kred pack for free! * Also, most Sellout Shop purchases now lock the button when you've bought them fully. * 8===D~~~

December 13, 2018

Build .411 "MERRY HOLIDAY-MAS-UKKAH-WANZAA" * Added a festive new theme for the (insert holiday of choice) season! Go burn your retinas off staring at the new candy cane look! * Added some special challenge completion rewards for Evil challenges! * Evil Blind challenges now awards +2% Daycare Speed per completion in Evil. * Evil Basic challenges award 2% to Adventure stats. * Evil Troll challenges 1/2/3 grant an Accessory/MacGuffin/Daycare slot respectively. * Gave Wandoos a rework for Evil difficulty, to make it more evil. The old bonus divider has been removed. In its place there is now one h*ckin' divider to its speed. To help offset this though... * Added 2 new MacGuffins for Energy Wandoos Speed and Magic Wandoos Speed. These MacGuffins can be found in Evilverse and Pretty Pink Princess Land. * Added one more MacGuffin slot to unlock for AP. * The Mystery Prize can now be used on the daycare. Simply click the kitty to cycle through any unlocked designs! * MacGuffins can now be right-clicked to equip into an empty MacGuffin slot or merge onto an already equipped MacGuffin. * Added custom adventure stats purchases in the Exp menu. You can buy as much power/toughness/hp/regen as your heart's desire. Or until the game breaks. * The Greasy Nerd will now drop a random MacGuffin! * And be sure to use your daily spins during this time period! You may just unlock something ;) * And like, 50 more things in the Sellout Shop are on sale for this Holiday period! Enjoy!

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