Ordeals of December

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Dec 25, 2020


Annual Health Check results came in. Santa is marginally obese and is at risk of developing serious health conditions. Christmas is within a month - at this rate, Santa won't be able to fit through any chimneys to deliver presents (if he actually prepared any!).

Join Manager Elf, manager of elves, on his quest to help Santa with his procrastination and dietary choices before Christmas. Can you discover all of Santa's Christmas endings?

Available on WebGL, MacOS & Windows.

Download the game at https://two-pigs.itch.io/ordeals-of-december!

Tsucchi (@tsucchi.dev) - Design, Writing, Code
Pikayau (@bloomandjen) - Design, UI, Art
Nonsense Corner (@nonsense_corner) - Design, Art
Lufus (@iamlufus) - Music

Feedback Welcome:
As this is the first release of Ordeals of December, we're going to need all the feedback we can get to help with further development. Please let us know if you find any bugs for us to squash or things that annoy you when playing the game! Thanks a lot!

Contact / Follow Us:
Follow us on Instagram @twopigs.studio / Twitter @twopigsstudio to join us on our game development journey with regular game development progress and making art for games! A DM on instagram would be the easiest way to reach us. You may also contact us at twopigs.studio@gmail.com.


Simple mouse controls anyone can master. Use your mouse to navigate throughout Ordeals of December and decide what Santa would do / eat. If you're stuck with Santa management, just do what you would normally do :).

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