Paper Knight Wars

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Mar 9, 2023


Play this epic war strategy game with many powerful legendary heroes and troop to conquer the land.

Paper knight war is 2D Side Scrolling Action Strategy Game,
build with charming graphic, and with many hero and troop customization.

- Charming, refreshing and unique graphic
- Free to play .
- Numerous unique hero and troop (50+).
- Deploy 3 heroes together in battle
- Each troop can be assigned to any hero.
- Campaign quests and many challenges
- Reward for completing a variety of quests and tasks.
- Collect Runes and Scrolls to build your army and enhance the battle flow.

Paper Knight Wars is completely free to play, but has optional in-app purchases for real currency.

We are constantly improving gameplay and introducing exciting new updates for you.
Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions.

Contact email :


[Scrolling the Map]
- Drag the center screen left - right or by clicking the mini map in top screen
(The drag area region is above the floor and below the mini-map)

[Units Control]
- Select squad by clicking or "Q/W/E" key and drop into a desirable position (floor)
- Each unit has an "Aggro" range. try putting them in the correct position to have advantage.
- Command (->) makes the selected squad go all out and can be canceled by clicking floor position.
- Command (<-) is an emergency retreat and also can be canceled by clicking floor position.

[Magic Control]
- Select magic by clicking or "1-5" key and drop into a desirable position (floor)
- Some magic has an instant effect after clicking.

- Controlling squad unit/magic can be combined with the dragging screen.
- Always adjust squad position each time, unit aggro can be canceled that way.
- Auto battle by "->" / forward all-out did not always work vs stronger enemy
- Micro managing each squad position is the best strategy.
- Campaign, Extra and bounty mode have an "auto skip battle" feature after clearing 3x/6x

April 1, 2023

Update ver 23.04.01 note: - Fortune, Growth and Luck Rune is work in "Auto Battle" now - Minor tweak and fix

March 29, 2023

Update ver 23.03.29 note: - Fixed Scroll re-equip bugs

March 28, 2023

Update ver 23.03.28 note: - 'Golden Skull Emblem' achievement *bug fix - Add achievement progress value - Friend Gift sent *bug fix - Salvage Rune and Scroll *bug fix - Ward rune not work in battle *bug fix - Raid boss *bug fix
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