Planet D4RK

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Feb 14, 2022


Fast-paced precision platformer with slashing and dashing!


Move: Arrow Keys or A/D
Jump: Space, Z, or U. If you hold Q during any level, you can enable "up arrow" and "w" to jump.
Slash: X or I
Dash: C or P (unlocked in chapter 2)

Don't forget you can hold "Q" during any level, you can enable/disable "up" or "w" to jump.

Hold K to skip cutscene
Hold R to reset level
Hold T to return to title
Hold Q to enable/disable "up" to jump

-- Tips --
Slashing takes you through enemies. The direction will depend on your position relative to the enemy. For example, if you are to the right of an enemy, slashing will take you left. If you are below and diagonal left of an enemy, slashing will take you up and to the right.

Slashing also refills your dash.

-- Other --
If you enjoyed the music, you can listen to it here on my soundcloud!
For more info on what I'm working on, feel free to check out my twitter!

Also my best speedrun time is around 5min 31s, so if you try the speedrun mode see if you can beat my time!

Feel free to use the "Level Select" to practice levels, pick up from where you left off, or skip levels that are too challenging.

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