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Ruperts Zombie Diary
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Feb 22, 2012


Play as a shiny Magnet Ball in a new type of innovative platforming concept. It can magnetize onto walls and ceilings by holding “A” while moving forward. This costs energy in the process, each stage giving you a certain amount to use. There are two selectable game modes before starting, “Normal” and “Endless”. Normal Mode allows you to play the game how it was designed, with the ability of submitting a high score. Endless Mode provides unlimited amounts of energy per level, but does not let you send your score.

After selecting a mode, there are over 30 levels to defeat and a boss battle at the end. Obstacles will reveal themselves along the way, such as heat pads, teleporters, and magnetic disruptors. Several enemies also stand against victory, like Convection Turrets and Spawn Boxes. To help with killing enemies, the player also has two attacks. Press “S” to shoot energy bullets for 5 energy, and press “D” to release an energy blast for 10 energy.

Only after progressing to every level and making it to the last level, will you be then ready to defeat the boss. The bosses true power remains cloaked in mystery, but after defeating him you can submit your deaths as a high score. Then you can see how others fared against your score while playing the game on Regular Mode. Maybe even go back and play the game on Endless Mode so you can mindlessly spam-shoot those enemy Magnet Balls and Convection Turrets that gave you such a challenge.


Arrow Keys – Movement including jumping. Press down while magnetizing on a wall to decline.
“A” Key – Hold to magnetize onto walls and ceilings. Move into a wall to scale up it.
“S” Key – Fires a ricocheting energy bullet for 5 energy, a good basic attack.
“D” Key – Releases an energy blast for 10 energy, used offensively and defensively.
“R” Key – Restarts the current level the player is on, restarting cost a death.
“M” Key – Mutes or plays the music at any time, can also use right click menu.
“P” Key" Stops the game and allows the player to view the pause menu.
“Q” Key – Toggles the graphics quality of the game, can also use right click menu.

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