Enigmata Stellar War

90 1M
Ragdoll Achievement
Papa's Wingeria
Jul 2, 2012


Build up a base to save the Enigmata galaxy from the insidious Villalobos!


Create units to defend the base with the mouse.

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Recent Edits

  • Fira Zevon
    The Fira Zevon is an bonus unit. It has a 55% chance to inflict chaos, and when it kills an...
  • Bosses Thumbnail
    Dark Enforcer. Switches between dual piercing rounds, spewing orbs and spraying standard rounds...
  • Team Vigor
    Team Vigor is an upgrade that some units have. It makes everything in it's range have an attack...
  • Neg Resistance
    Neg Resistance is a percent chance to resist and not get affected by a negative effect. Only...
  • ZAC Assimilator Thumbnail
    ZAC Assimilator
    ZAC Assimilator is a unit which spawns ZAC fighters, the only player-allied fighter which fires...

Popular Articles

  • Aries
    An ultimate (or ultra) rare unit that shoots out two bright blue beams continuously for a short...
  • The Legend
    The Legend (spelled "The Ledgend" in the game) is a decent beam firing weapon that's somewhat...
  • Shield Disruptor
    Shield disruptor is a not-so-common upgrade that, as its name suggests, allows a unit to...
  • Vira Daemon
    The Vira Daemon is a mobile Vira Ultima (an exceptional healer), with no upgrades, as it is a...
  • Fion Drone
    The Fion Drone is a unit in Enigmata: Stellar War. Fion Drones act as gold collectors, enabling...
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