Dark War Strategy Chapter 1

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May 9, 2008


Mystery and full of fantasy. A game that tells a story about the wrath of hell demons, who desires world domination and the abolition of all human, birdmen, aquamen and wizard race. Darkness will cloud the world forever.. unless all races unite to defeat and prevent it before it’s too late.

This game is packed with a fantasy story full of adventure and romance, and this is only just the beginning of a total of 9 incoming chapters.

The incoming chapters (chapter 2 until 9), will tell a different plot from start to end, and each chapter will include several additions:

- Increasing quantity and quality of spells, items and weapons.
- New intriguing characters.
- Storyline full of surprises, branches and intrigues.
- Varied landscapes.
- Increasing in quantity and variation of missions, maps and objectives.
- And additional features based on your feedback.

Chapter one hold these features:

- Follow through the story of David Strong Hearth commanding the united races of human, birdmen, aquamen and wizard againts the ravenous ogre race for world domination.
- 11 missions of different map, landscape and enemies.
- 8 story branches laid out from chapter 2 until chapter 9.
- All unique 16 spells, 11 items and 7 types of weapons.
- A total of 4 characters controllable by player at once.
- 4 status effects available for each character: stun, poison, uncontrol, and slow.

We appreciate for any bug report or feedback, it will be taken as great knowledge for designing the next chapters.

Thank you and enjoy the game.


Mouse to control characters, Move, Attack, Item, Wait and Undo.
Press P to pause.
Press S to skip story and dialog.

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