Boss 101

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Nov 19, 2013


Updated 2017.11.04

Hey everyone - Tim here and developer of this game. We recently released a brand new and TOTALLY expanded version of Boss 101 on steam. If you enjoyed this game I highly recommend you check out the Steam version. Personally, I feel it hits all the beats you might enjoy in this game and give you a lot of new value!

Link to Steam Store:

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*** Seems to play best in Firefox and I.E. (less lag if you're getting it) ***

Fight robo-animals, samurai, aliens and DINOSAURS! You heard right! Take the role of Max, a teenager with a jetpack, in order to save the world. Join him to beat aliens, win cash, buy upgrades and cool hats while fighting to beat Boss 101.

Changelog (version 1.1f)
- added a Hard Mode for players wanting a challenge (at least I hope this seems challenging! It's hard for me - that's for sure! HA!)
- added a NEW FREE HAT called 'WAY TOO EASY' which makes the game hard (you have less health, take more damage, earn less money) for those players who want a SLIGHTLY extra challenge.
- Speed ups (hopefully) and bug fixes
- If you're having problems you might want to clear your browser cache due to recent updates, not a guarantee but it might help clear out old version nonsense
- Love you all! I will do what I can to make this game fun for you! (duh duh DUNNN)
- HARD MODE ADDED - PLAY 30 LEVELS AND WIN - that's right - hard mode starts you near the end against the toughest bosses**

For bug reporting, troubleshooting or to say "Hi":
Contact us at hello[at]

Uploaded by Tim from the Donley Time Foundation


Arrow Keys/W,A,S,D - Move
Space Bar or Enter - Fire gun (In game)
Space Bar or Enter - Advance dialog (in cutscene)
"Z" or "/" Key - Super Mode! Purchase in the store. Later levels regen your health
Mouse - Menu clicking and selection
"P" Key - Pause/Unpause while playing

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