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Feb 4, 2014


Control a team of 3 repo agents and recover bad debts on behalf of your clients.

There are tips at the bottom of the description if you need them, including help with level 3 (the first "proper" level).

Make the most of each agent's unique skills to get the job done. Fro Fred is fast and can jump high, Meat Head can repo heavy items (eg. cars, fridges, and more) and Stompy can't be knocked over.

The "customers" who you are repo-ing from won't be pleased and will try anything to stop you - don't worry, use of force is advised. Grab whatever there is to hand and "calm them down"! If somebody is being really bothersome, why not unleash your special move? After all, you're only doing your job!


Valuable items give you extra time - if you see the time ticking down, try and repo something valuable asap.

You can throw items in to the back of your van from any distance, just make sure there isn't a "customer" in the way. You only have to return to your van to switch agents.

Knock customers down by throwing stuff at them. Once they are on the ground and dazed you can do a special move on them (if your special move bar is full).

Each repo agent has a unique set of abilities. Meat Head can repo cars and other heavy items, 'Fro Fred can jump highest and reach areas the other two can't and Stompy can't be knocked over and has a special "Super KO" (but she's kinda slow).

You can drop items out of windows (smash the window first) by pressing the Drop Item button (N by default), then pick them up later and repo them. This is especially useful when there are lots of valuable items on and upper floor.

Redefine the keys to your liking by clicking the Cog Icon at the top-right of the screen.

If you get stuck, there are plenty of walk-throughs on YouTube and if you fail a level 3 times you can skip it.

LEVEL 3: Some people have said they struggled a bit with this one. It's the first level with somebody trying to stop you doing your job. It's actually quite simple, you get plenty of time and it sets you up for the rest of the game.

Take in 'Fro Fred and repo some of the stuff from the house, you mostly want to use the keys to open the back door (you can even throw the keys at the door from a distance to open it), then return to the van and switch to Meat Head.

With Meat Head, pick up whatever you have to hand (an object left behind by 'Fro Fred earlier) and throw it at the farmer in the back yard. By now you will have your special move available - walk up to the downed farmer and press M to do your special move and KO him. Now walk to the far right of the garden - walk back to the left and keep tapping M to repo everything, now just mop up the remaining items from the house to complete the level (you might need to break the window to get the hay bales).


Default keys:

WASD - move your repo agents and jump
N - pick items up/throw items/special move
M - drop items
/ - switch repo agent (must be standing in front of repo van)

Keys can be redefined in game.

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