Egg Knight

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May 30, 2014


Save the Egg Knight world by defeating the Dark Army!
Assemble your troops by collecting Knights that hatch from eggs! What Knight will you get?
A bold Miner Knight? A humble Farmer Knight? Or a mysterious Witch Knight? Or someone else?
Each Egg Knight is born with unique talent, from a dragon-born Farmer Knight to a ninja Farmer Knight!
Go collect all the Egg Knights!

Fight the Dark Army in a wild meadow, forgotten forest, or on the beach.
Aid your Egg Knight in battle with the Arcana skill, Sunstrike your foe, disrupt their minds with Volatile Air, or resurrect your Knights with Rising Sun.
Eggxperiment with the Egg Knight strategy to strengthen your troops even more, select Astral Assassin strategy to corrupt your foe with every attack you've dealt.

Discover the eggciting fantasy world of Egg Knight by Goody Gameworks.

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Post any bug report or troubleshooting in the comment section, the Bug Knight will
clear any of them!

-Talent information now available when selecting Talent
-Some bug fixes
-Armor Games quest added


Defeat the Dark Army by collecting Egg Knight, use Arcana to aid your Egg Knight in battle,
and set your Knights' strategy and their equipment.
Pence earned in battle can be used to buy equipment for Knights.

Left mouse click only.

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