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Dec 20, 2014



Hey everyone!
Here is my entry for Armormas! Yes that's right, armorgames had so many games this one wouldn't fit in the calendar HAH! A lot of work was put into this one, I hope you will enjoy it :)

Your ship exploded and you are the only survivor. You are now stranded on an hostile planet and all you have is your rescue pod. You can go outside but you have a limited supply of oxygen on each trip.

You will have to explore the debris around your rescue pod in order to find parts to modify it for interplanetary travel.
Build Generators to accumulate power and turrets to defend them. Manage your inventory, upgrade your base and leave the planet before getting eaten alive.

[ Updates ]

Jan. 14: New patch!

Version 1.1 is here! It is all about modifications asked by the players in the comments. Quests will be coming next week but you can start gaining those achievements now.

The changes are:
- A bunch of awesome Achievements.
- Online saves
- Multiple choice of profiles
- Customizable controls
- Sort button in the inventory
- Autosave options
- Quality options
- Intro and Outro are now muted if you muted sounds.
- Save button in pause menu
- Balance changes to make second and third expeditions a bit easier and more fun.
- You now keep your materials when starting a next expedition
- Recycling meds is now around 4x less effective. You ended up with too much.
- Made some of the upgrades on the base better to withstand further expeditions more effectively.
- Made the physic engine a bit more strict. Hopefully that should help with the lag at the end and that rock event.
- I added a hard cap of 65 aliens on the stage at once. That should also help with the lag at the end.

Let me know how these changes work for you and and leave a like if you haven't already :D


Thank you for all the constructive feedback and positive support.

Dec. 23: Update coming soon

Quests and online saves are coming. You will be able to select a profile and also save when you feel like it in the pause menu. There will be an autosave that you will be able to turn off if you want in the pause menu. Based on your feedback. the autosave will now happen when you exit the base and no enemies are around. A sort button will be added to the inventory and you will be able to change the controls (although all the hints on the hud will probably remain the default controls..)

Thank you for all the constructive feedback and positive support.

Dec. 22: Regarding save files and freeze issues

Some of you are freezing after the loading screen or are missing their save file. Both these issues are sort of related. Most of the time, if the game freezes on loading, it's because flash player is trying to save the game locally or use too much RAM. The animations are cached as bitmaps (as with many other flash games) and can take quite a lot of ram. If you are running too many other programs ( I'm talking to you guys, who leave 500 tabs open ) memory allocation might make it crash.

Also, the save file is quite big because of all the data so you need to make sure to allow at least 3mb of local storage (just to make sure, we don't need 3mb) and make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser. If you clear your cache or have cookies disabled, your save won't be saved and you will lose your progress. I can't do anything about it.

Click here to know what local storage is
Click here to change your local storage settings

I am also considering allowing players to save when they want, rather than when quitting the base. My issue with this is that most people will just plain forget to save, and then won't have anything. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Please read the tutorial at the start of the game, it is a bit complicated to pick up at first.

The radar is very important, use it to plan your expeditions outside the base.
You walk faster when you look in the same direction as you are moving.
Use your boosters to travel further and faster.
Recycle your items to buy more stuff.
The further you explore, the better the rewards.
Right click to change the rendering quality.
The game saves when you exit the base

Have you read the tutorial?

If you would like to watch me complete the game, here is a video playthrough I made:


Esc: Pause menu / Cancel build
Mouse: Aim / Shoot
W,A,S,D: Move
Shift: Boosters (when equipped)
Q: Inventory / Character
R: Reload
F: Radar
X: Speed time

When in the base:
E: Base upgrades
R: Shop

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