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Sweet Drmzzz
William the Conqueror
Feb 6, 2015


Assemble your Giant, Pilot!
Restore the world order with your awesome Giant!

Assemble Giant's parts from top to bottom,
What do you prefer? Shotgun at left hand, or Flamethrower at right leg?
Go mix and match all the head, torso, hand, leg, and battery for the Giant!
Discover the effective combination to make the strongest Giant!

Bring K.I.N.G. justice system back again by restoring justice in three region.

Battle with opposing faction's Giant from Downtown area, Forest, and Deep Sea!
Choose which chipset do you prefer, Fire chipset with attack power, Leaf chipset with
speed, or Water chipset with defense!

Choose from plenty of weapon available, Barrager, Shotgun, Sniper,
Slasher, or Mighty Excalibur!

Discover the Giant might battle by Goody Gameworks.

[ONLINE SAVE available]

Update your Flash Player if the game doesn't work

If K.I.N.G.'s game data is not saved on your computer:
-Make sure your browser allows cookies.
-Make sure your browser doesn't delete cookies on exit.
-If you are using any software that deletes cookies (like CCleaner), disable that feature.

Post any bug report or troubleshooting in the comment section, we will
clear any of them!


Bring justice to all three region.
Assemble your Giant by mix and match the best part.
Unlock more awesome part by defeating enemy Giant.
Winning in battle will reward you with Bounty.
Buy part and equip your Giant.

Gold earned in battle can be used to buy Giant's parts.
Tech point earned in battle can be used to upgrade Giant's parts.

Left mouse click only.

February 7, 2015

-Fixed enemy "self-destruct charging" victory/defeat result. -Added "skip tutorial" button. -Fixed torso self-hit damage when missed the target.
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